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weights / angle

weights / angle

Hi, guys:

I’ve been doing PE exercises for 2 years; hand stretch and jelq with no good gains. I am thinking of hanging weights.

There is a question I have for you guys. If my dick is pulled downward, vertically, by 2, 5, 10 pounds or whatever, my fear is that the ligament that keeps the erect dick straight forward will be relaxed in an angle that my dick will be pointing to the floor. Is that true? If you are standing and your dick is hard, it is usually upward or paralell with the floor, but it seems to me that hanging weights might change that angle and the hard dick will be downward.

I’d appreciate your comments.



Many different angels available to hang

Some people say that this is the case and i too feared that this might be a problem for me as i already have a low erection angel however if this were the case and hanging downwards meant your erection would point to the ground then hanging over the shoulder and pulling the penis upwards would surely even things out, so i myself am going to try hanging at various angels from now on,





How can we hang weights from our dick in different angles?

That would be ideal. I see that you and I have the same characteristic, our hard dicks pointing downward. Not that it upsets me but I would prefer the upward or forward angle. No matter how big or how hard it is, downward is DOWN. That’s the way it looks and the way we feel it.

Thanks for your reply.



Click on the link at the bottom entitled pe faq and glossary then check out the section on hanging, you will see there that there are many different angles for hanging, for example hanging over the leg is completely different to hanging strait down and it attacks different ligament bundles. What i and various other low erection angle people that hang feel is that hanging over the shoulder (by attaching a rope to the hanger and weight and hoisting the weight over your shoulder) to produce an upward pulling effect on your penis, this in theory will stress and pull out the ligaments necessary enough for raising our erection angles. I myself am experimenting with this at the moment, i plan to continue hanging btc for 2 hours a day and then throw in about an hour of ots and straight out hanging too, depending on whether i can find the time of course,




All I will say is this…, read, and read. hehe

There are some good posts on angles started by myself, Hairyguy, and Johhnygate. Start there…


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Thank you

Thank you, Jackthelad.

I had been thinking of using a cord between my dick and the weights so that I can create the angle I want, and now you comfirm it. However I did not figure out the way to make it reality; I could not imagine that using other parts of the body would be the solution, such as shoulders. Makes sense!

Thanks a lot, now I have to overcome the fear of the weights and any injure, particularly to blood circulation in my dick. I guess most hangers just untight the loop around the cock and let blood flow into the head.

Any other comments would be welcome.



Thank you, bigblackstick

Thank you, bigblacstick.

I’ll read all that material before I start hanging.

Thanks again


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