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Weight versus Stress



It might be interesting to use the roller to deflect the shaft laterally (left or right, i.e. SL or SR), instead of vertically (V-stretch). This might approximate Hobby’s side roller fulcrum hanging and stress the CCs pretty well.

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I’ll tell ya, fulcrums from a OTS position are intense on the tunica. I have a hook mounted high-up on a rafter when I press down on the top with my thumb I can get a very interesting tight angle that the tunica cant get out of not to mention the ligs are groaning.

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I believe you are right about placing extra stress on the tunica around the bend, this can be done manually also. I asked about this a long time ago but got no responses:

Crankhandle stretch - organgrinding

Granted, the effect of the palm is not as intense as with a roller, but when I’ve done these I feel that the tunica gets hit at the bend. Actually, this could probably be accentuated if you wear one of those wrist supports with a plastic/metal rod inside the textile (from wrist up over the rounded part of the thumb muscles) or hold a rod over your unit, grasp and press.

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Originally Posted by ModestoMan
I just tried the roller (pictured above) with 2.5#. I must say, it did not feel very substantial. It was not exactly the intense workout I was hoping for. It’s possible that the concept is flawed, owing to the fact that the penis is not really a “solid” as required for the normal rules of stress concentration.

I will try some variations, and report back if there’s anything more to say.

You’ll probably need more weight, but hanging or stretching over a dowel is interesting. Reminds me of the techniques used for other things, one example being stretching the extremely stubborn iliotibial band. This runs along the outside of your thigh.

One of the best ways of accomplishing this is to use a foam roller, or any semi or fully rigid dowel will do. You lay on it, applying a good amount of your bodyweight. Let the cylinder press in hard in one spot for a couple minutes. Repeat this procedure along the full length of the target area. Getting a good stretch this way can be painful, but it is effective. Not sure how this translates to PE.

Here is a page with some pics.

Originally Posted by ModestoMan
Another concern is that the structure of the tunica may resist the stress concentration. The tunica’s outer layer consists of longitudinally oriented collagen fibers. I don’t know whether the rules of stress concentration for solids apply to fibers. Do cables experience higher stress around pulleys? Maybe not. Even if the individual fibers resist the stress concentration, however, the tissue as a whole probably won’t. What I mean is that stress will still be concentrated between fibers in the area of the fulcrum. This will tend to break cross-linkages, which will effectively weaken the tissue.

Yes, and the inner layer consist of a circular array of collagen fibers.…%3Doff%26sa%3DN…nisXsection.gif…s%20anatomy.jpg

Yes, cables do experience stress around pulleys. Think about two people running around a track. When they turn at a corner, the person on the outside travels a greater distance.

With a cable on a pulley, the fibers furthest from the pulley experience a greater stress that those in the middle because they have a greater distance to travel around the pulley. Therefore, they experience more strain. Overall, for that cross section of tunica, the net stain is the same but just differentially distributed. For this reason, I think fulcrum work is a good way to isolate. If you imagine a rope on a pulley beginning to split, where does one intuition tell them the splitting would happen?

And I think we must isolate. These fibers have a tensile strength greater than or equal to that of steel. That, and there is a lot of them.

After reading this thread, I starting getting a vision of a dual side fulcrum device in my head.

Hobby mentioned hitting the fulcrum from the side by twisting mr. Johnson over on his side when hanging. If hitting one side with one angle is good, would not hitting both sides at 2 angles be better? (Just talking out of my ass here maybe)

If 2 is better, I envisioned a device like an inverted tuning fork hitting the tunica from both sides, bending the shaft in two differnet directions at the same time. Do you guys think this would be beneficial?

I started drawing up a diagram working with skinny wood dowels, which could be easy manipulated to design the shape (cut to size - 2 down for the sides mounted to 1 across the top), and pictured some kind of handle on the top to twist to increase stress applied to the sides as it is twisted. The next thing I pictured was me sitting there holding the twist handle for 20 minutes = NOT. So, if this device is appropriate, the design spec would be for the twist handle to be twisted to desired load and then locked into position so we don’t have to hold it for 20 minutes.

The design could be modified in length to hit before and after the BIB hanger.


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Nice article, Penismith !!

This is the first publication I’ve read that clearly states that the longitudinal fibers of the tunica insert into the pubic ramii. I was never quite sure of this.

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Originally Posted by gottaB8
I envisioned a device like an inverted tuning fork hitting the tunica from both sides, bending the shaft in two differnet directions at the same time. Do you guys think this would be beneficial?

I actually have something like this sitting in my underwear drawer. I’ve used it for manual stretching, but not for hanging so far. The problem is as you’ve described: it can’t be operated hands-free.

I always thought it would be effective at targeting the dorsal thickening.

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For us average Joes what does all this mean?

Originally Posted by T-rex
For us average Joes what does all this mean?

Which part of it?

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