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Weight plateau need help

Weight plateau need help

Hi guys I’ve just reached a plateau in my hanging, it’s not due to the weight but the head of my penis is hurting because the blood is getting trapped there. Do I have to change my wrapping or something?
Currently hanging 10kg



What kind of wrap are you using under you hanger? The one that I suggest is something the you could buy in Wal-Mart. The product is What a Grip, its in the sports Dept. where the tennis reckets are and other equipment.

Starting Stats 7/15/05 -- Flaccid L 3.375"x Flaccid G 2.125", BPEL 5.250" x EG 3.750"

Stats as of 11/17/07-- Flaccid L 6.000"x Flaccid G 5.6875", BPEL 8.000" x EG 6.125"

Long Term Goal: BPEL 9.000"x EG 6.500" Dusty

I’ve tried a load of different wrappings but what I found works for me is kitchen tissue and electrical tape. I wrap it on my base and leave about 1 inch from the head. The electrical tape gives me the tightness I want. I live in the uk so I don’t have a wal-mart but I’m sure I can buy that in a sports shop. I used my own homemade hanger, which is the two pieces of rectangular wood and two bolts on either side.


For me, there is a very difficult balance between the correct amount of blood in the head. If there is too little, the hanger wants to slip off. If there is too much, I get a pressurized feeling of pain in the head like you described. My first set, there is not enough blood so I do a light warm-up hang of 5 pounds for a few minutes. Then I take off the hanger and in a few moments, the head fills up with blood because of the light pains of hanging. I then squeeze out the right amount of blood back into the shaft with my hand until I have the right amount left in the head. Then I can do heavy weight, from 15-20 pounds with no problem. When I take off the hanger for a break between sets, the blood flows back in, so I again squeeze the head to get the right “pressure”- kind of like a bike tire. Experiment with the amount of blood you have in your head while you hang.

Some guys lift weights, I hang 'em!

Hhmm that sounds interesting, I’m going to try it now. Thanks man.


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