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Weight Increment question

Weight Increment question

I wanted to ask what type of weight increments people use in their hanging routines?

I’ll be starting at the standard 2.5 lb mark and am wondering what to progress to after that? I am thinking I’ll just jump up by 1.25 lbs if that’s advisable.

I currently have 2.5, 5, and 10 lb plates, though I’ll probably just use multiple 5 lb plates instead of 10 lb plates. I’d like to get a 1.25 lb plate if possible. Anyone know of any stores I’d be able to get one?


Pick up all the used lead tire weights you want for free from any tire shop. Put them in an old sock and add that to your existing weight.

This way you can do incremental changes as small or large as you like.

Avoid prolonged lead contact with skin. You might want to dump all the weights in a bucket with some simple green or similar ‘soap’ and slosh them around a bit because they’re incredibly dirty.

Oh and wash your hands afterward as well…


I posted a hanging log earlier this year that reviewed my hanging weight advances over a specific time interval. Do a search under hanging log and that should show up.

In this next of the woods their is a place called “play it again sport” and they sell free weights in one pound increments; this is the absolute smallest increment you will need. The costs is like 20 cents a pound.

Even an unemployed shoe shine guy could afford that.

Funny, we have a place just like that in my woods. They sell used sporting goods, right? Someone said something about WalMart in a past post. Anyone confirm or deny?

TH - an interesting proposal. I guess I won’t ask for any old tires to swing off my pud, though. hehe

I didn't realize weights were that cheap

Yeah, if you can get weights that cheap and don’t mind having them hanging around - I mean, lying around your house, then do it the clean’n’easy way….

Another thought is ankle weights from Target (probably also walmart) - I got some 5# (each) made up of ten pockets, each with an 8-ounce weight - so you can get your increments in nice measured doses.

And then try hiking a couple miles with ten pounds on your ankles - yikes!

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