Weight hanger: Husky Hangsalls

Bought this yesterday at Home Dipshit: the Husky 24” Hangsalls. Hangs up to 200 pounds!

‘Looks like it might be useful for hanging with awkward weights, like two or more dumbbells. Cost: $3.99.

Found it on the end of the aisle that has the stuff like chains, ropes and tie-downs.

The black velcroed strap there opens to 24”. It closes, with the hook and looped matched, to 6” flat. The carabiner and swivel assembly is 5.5” long.

I don’t see it online anywhere, except on eBay links where it’s cited in searches but doesn’t show up. The back of the package says it’s made by Husky and distributed by Home Despot, so it may not be available anywhere else.

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