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Weak orgasms?

Weak orgasms?

Hey everyone,

I have been hanging most days for the past month or two. Recently (in the last week) I have experienced weak orgasms. I haven’t had sex in the last two weeks, so it’s only from masturbation.

What I mean by weak orgasm is it just doesn’t feel as good - you know the feeling if you mis-time an orgasm during sex and it ends up being pretty anti-climactic. Well this happened four straight times. Now, I know the conventional wisdom is “take a break immediately if something goes wrong” and I will, so don’t worry. But I want to know if this happened to anyone else from hanging? I’ve overtrained clamping before and have had weaker erections - but the thing in my situation now is that the erections are totally fine, it’s just the ORGASM itself that is weaker. Weird huh?

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Do you have to work harder to cum? Does your penis feel desensitized? I’ve had problems after pushing the edge with long hang sessions. It was like my penis was tired and I couldn’t get it hard for a couple of hours. But the orgasms are always more intense after PEing.

It seems like you should have some other symptoms.

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