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Ways to lengthen the lifespan of Vacu-Hanging sleeves

Ways to lengthen the lifespan of Vacu-Hanging sleeves

Anyone have any method of doing so?

I’m a little worried because I’m running through a new sleeve every 2 weeks of daily use. About 1-2 hours hanging and 2 hours ~ ADS’ing.
The sleeves get to a point where slippage is an issue. I’ve tried jelqing before a hanging session to keep my penis fat enough that it won’t start slipping. This works sometimes but otherwise I have the same problem.

Running out of sleeves is obviously going to cost me a fair few pennies in the long run.
Any way to keep them tight or prevent slippage?

I’m hanging with my foreskin forward which is probably what might be doing it. But after getting a water blister on my head I’ve found that hanging this way is more comfortable and gives the same results.

Thanks for any help.

Hanging with the foreskin forward might give you too much skin stretch. Also, to prevent slippage make sure both your penis and the sleeves and constriction sleeve are clean before hanging. I always wash mine with soap before using. It makes a huge difference. I also make my own sleeves. It’s definitely the way to go as they are MUCH cheaper and you can custom size them.

Making my own is not really an option for me.

I don’t actually get much skin stretch with the foreskin forward. I get a direct pull on my ligs, especially when I tilt my pelvis getting a semi-SO stretch.

The alternative is a lot riskier for me also.

I will try cleaning the sleeves more regularly though.


double mint

I have found that doubling over the sleeve really helps by making them firmer. With twice the material, you limit the expansion. They hold tighter and last longer.

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Put a rubberband on the sleeve that is over the cylinder and your member, The rubberband wrapped tightly around the sleeve covering your member should help hold pressure, by not allowing air out of the cylinder underneath the sleeve. I had to do this when I got my MaxVac.

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