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warm up

warm up


do you do the warm up before hanging?

Thank you


>do you do the warm up before hanging?<

You should warm up with a rice sock or whatever for a few minutes before beginning, and for the first half of the first half of the sets.


Hi Bib
i will order the Bib hanger through mail 2day, and what do you mean by “for the first half of the first half of the set”? it is the first time i hang for how long should i hang? i dont know any thing about hanging i would like to have some information before i start.


Hello Miketakk,

Maybe I can help you out? All the information you need is right here and at Bib’s Site at the end of the page. He has a much more technical and super accurate information on that site. Read it a few times hust to be sure. I read it like 5 times before I grasped it all.

Basically, for warm up before you put the hanger on make sure you have your penis warmed up. Then wrap and hang for no more than 20 minutes keeping an eye on it. Then diswrap and rewarm yourself after light jelqing to restore circulation, not enough like a normal routine but enough to restore the blood flow. Rewrap and hang another 20 maxand repeat the diswrapping and reheat. Wrap yet again and hang for your final 20 minutes. So you have three sets of 20 in there.

Start with really light weights like no 2 or 3 lbs. Maybe 5 tops. Move up when you feel comfortable but take it easy at first. Hanging feels really weird in the beginning and you have to become used to it. You might want to hang for 3 ten minute sets with ten minutes between the sets for restoration of circulation.

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twat is right on in a lot of what he says. But I did not unwrap after every set. Try to wrap loose enough so you can still piss. When you get through for the day, do a few minutes of light jelqing.

>and what do you mean by “for the first half of the first half of the set”? <

Well, if you are going to hang for a twenty minute set, then warm for the first ten minutes. If you are going to hang for four sets, then warm for the first two. This is how I did it, but it is not written in stone. You may have great success making your own regimen.

>it is the first time i hang for how long should i hang?<

The most I recommend for a set is twenty minutes. Some hang longer. The key is, always pay attention to circulation and temperature. There is nothing wrong with a ten minute set.


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