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wadzilla's hanging resumé

wadzilla's hanging resumé

I plan to begin hanging in earnest on Monday, Aug. 25, 2003. In the meantime, I’ve been experimenting with my hanger, trying to get it right. Applying the wrap & properly adjusting the wingnuts are a little tougher than one might imagine.

In my first test run, I hung 5 lbs x 2 sets of 6 minutes

In my 2nd test run, I hung 5 lbs x 2 sets of 8 minutes

Tonight, I hung 6.25 lbs (5 lb plate + 1.25 plate) for 10 minutes….fidgeted with the hanger for awhile, then hung for another 2 sets of 11 minutes (32 total minutes with 6.25 lbs).

I finally got the feel just right (wraps & bolt settings). My earliest attempts hurt like hell, but I figured out what I was doing wrong.

One more test run will be 6 lbs (2 3-lb plates), trying to hit at least 1 20-minute set. 5 lbs just didn’t feel heavy enough, but I thought that 6.25 might have been a hair much….so I’m going to stick with an even 6 lbs - and stay with it until I can do at least 2 sets of 20 minutes, then I’ll attempt a 3rd set with 6.25 lbs. When I can do at least 50 minutes there, I’ll move up to 7.5 lbs.

Eventually, I would like to get to at least 15 hours per week.

I’m going to post my measurements on Monday.

50 minutes with breaks every 20 right? If not watch the head closely! Feel any tingling or see it going white or blue/purple get the weight off immediately and do some jelqing to restore circulation.


Going for 7.5X6, then 8.5X6.5, then who knows. Girth Brooks - "Didn't get any real gains until I started shutting my cock in a car door and then falling back."

Q, yeah I meant 50 minutes total. I might hang for sets of 17 minutes max - since that is the tourniquet time limit. 3 sets would equal 51 minutes.

The malevolent universe is conspiring against me!!!

For nearly 3 months the kids have been home on summer break, severely curtailing my PE workouts. The wife worked a 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. shift & was gone all morning - but the kids were home….

Now that the kids are in school, my wife’s work schedule has changed. Now SHE is home all morning!

Seeing as how I awaited their return to school with such anticipation - and seeing as how my Bib Starter recently arrived - I was psyched for some killer workouts….but now the wife is home. :(


The wife got a considerable pay raise, which is nice of course, but she is now 11 pm to 7 am (actually leaves house around 10:25 and in morning catches rush hour & isn’t home until after 8 a.m.).

Here’s the real dilemma….she only works 3 days 1 week, 4 the next, & 6 the following week, then it repeats. But in that 2 week period, she only works 7 days. I could stay up late & hang (on the few nights that she works), but I can’t stay up too late because I have to be up at 6 a.m. to get the kids started for school.

This shit is unreal. :(

Regarding my induction to hanging….

Hanging is definitely a unique experience. Intense stretching can give significant gains, but only hanging has given me such a deep STRETCH. Even though I’m a serious newbie at hanging, I’ve gotten a real stretch from my few workouts.

I’ve only done a total of 4 hang sessions (due to the above developments), but the last 2 went like this:

6 lbs - 4 sets of 13 minutes (with about 8-10 minutes between sets). That’s a total of 52 minutes with 6 lbs hanging from my weinie. The day after, that dense cord-like sinew running atop the penile shaft was sore to the touch….I liked it.

But, as stillwantmore has said, there is a learning curve with hanging. I’m still having some trouble settling upon a good wrapping procedure. I’ve been getting serious skin soreness & pinching - and that at only 6 lbs. So, I obviously need to do some experimenting (perhaps with a cotton tshirt cloth & theraband, etc.) if I ever hope to go heavy - which is needed for significant gains.

Anyway, I have overall positive feelings about hanging….(1) Gave me a SERIOUS stretch - unlike I’ve ever had before, (2) Gave me post-workout soreness - also a first for me, even with only 6 lbs to start, (3) The time went quickly as I did some paperwork while hanging, (4) It’s hands-free, (5) No wrist or hand tension or soreness afterwards, (6) Also a thick plumpness post-workout, which lasted a day or 2 afterwards.

My current approach, by default, will be intense daily manual stretches - 7 days per week. And hanging for about 1 hour total whenever possible - although this time will go up (probably be done after 11:30 PM, when she’s at work & the kids are definitely asleep). I think I’ll get decent gains combining the two.

Well, I’m about to start a hang session soon….


Some hang time is better than none right? :)

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

Good luck to you man! Trying to do hang sessions around the family lifestyle is hard. Sometimes I am hanging until 3 in the morning, all to avoid family up time and business.


Going for 7.5X6, then 8.5X6.5, then who knows. Girth Brooks - "Didn't get any real gains until I started shutting my cock in a car door and then falling back."

I know just what you mean. The gal knows about PE and is very supportive when I take my 1 hour jelqing session in the afternoon, but the time I need for hanging just isn’t availiable at home. Luckily we’ve got a second home in the mountains that needs work so I’m up here for days at a time till the snow comes(had 9 feet on the ground last winter) and so I’ve got time for a great pumping and hanging session in the evening. Last time I came back and we were hitting it, she was moaning constanly about how fat my dick was. Sweet music to my ears.

I was in the same boat with the kids. Nice to be back hanging now that they are in school.

But tell the wife what you’re up too, and hang while she’s home! I had my sweetie fetching lunch and drinks! Hey, it’s partially for her, too!

Well, after reading alot of the posts, I’m more convinced that hanging and jelqing combined is the way to go to great gains. I can’t wait for the bib hangers to be in stock again… until then I’ll just try and read the directions into making my own…

Ps. Wadzilla, it’s float fPenis = 6.0f; using an integer just doesn’t cut it to accurately gage progress for PE gains :)

Start --- NBEL 6" length 5" girth

Current --- NBEL 6.5 length 4.9" girth --- BPEL 7.2 <--- WTF? I hate this fat pad.. I'm not even fat!?

Goal --- 8" length 6" girth

You might not even need 15 hours a week if you’re just starting. When I started I only did about 5 hours a week and got some gains.

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