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Wad’s Take on the Captain’s Hanger


Don’t need em, it’s too damn cold.

Originally Posted by CaptnHook
Consider that if you have had trouble free hangs so far with your clamp/wrap combination these things might not be the culprit. When I began hanging, and whenever I have jumped up in weight I have dealt with compromised circulation to the glans. A good case can be made that veins and capillaries responsible for blood supply are suddenly meeting with new limitations as you apply new stress to them; they are in effect thinning out to a point they are not accustomed to, and blood flow is being slowed or even stopped.
These and other internal structures have to adapt to big weight, if this were not the case we would all be able to jump to 20lbs on our first day of hanging.
Sometimes I have found it possible to deal with this over the course of a few days by shaving off some of the set time at higher weights, and gradually moving back up to 20 minutes. As a conditioning technique it seems to be a harmless way to adapt.
Just a thought. But you are right in considering your wrap/clamp combination as a route to addressing this. It can’t hurt to explore this.

Congrats on the gains.

I’ll keep that in mind.

I am doing 14lbs with no issue since adding a padded underwrap.

WOW!! Looks like everyone is enjoying the wench. I am having slight difficulty with the clamp part. I can only get one click on the clamp and it still feels like its cutting a lil circulation off. My head durring hanging gets a lil cold BUT does NOT turn colors so I think Im all right just want ed to get a different opinion. MY flacid girth is 4.5 (4.75 after hanging) Could this have anything to do with it?

I also wanted to thank you captain for helping me find a low budget way to start hanging! Its so much easier than streching 20 different ways plus I feel the ligs get a much better work out by hanging.

Starting stats: 7.5 BPEL X 5.2 Current stats: 8.0 BPEL X 5.31 Goal stats: 9 X 6

The clamp part is no longer a problem. The wench feels great and is now My favorit part of PE. Love that work out it gives you YEAH!!!

Starting stats: 7.5 BPEL X 5.2 Current stats: 8.0 BPEL X 5.31 Goal stats: 9 X 6


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