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very sensitive/discomfort

very sensitive/discomfort

yesterday evening after a 4 sets of hanging

3 - 20min @ 5lbs

1 - 10min @ 7 1/2lbs

10min rest between sets

the area around my penis head was very sensitive. more on one side than the other. the feeling i would describe it similar to having a pinched nerve. it definitely put me out of the mood from having sex yesterday evening. this morning there was mild discomfort so i decided not to hang and not do ads. as of now the pain has gone away. i did some searches and there were some of losing sensitivity and numbing. both of which i did not have while hanging. i did however notice after hanging the surrounding foreskin seems puffed up. prob from the excess hanging out after wrapping. would experienced say i should wrap around rather than leave 1 inch wrap the penis completely?

could someone help identify if i have caused damage and should back off?

am i using the bib incorrectly?

i did change the settings from / \ to | |

maybe switch it back? advice would be appreciated

Do you feel pain without doing anything? Or do you only feel pain when you press on it? Does a really light jelq cause pain? Is there any bleeding internally (bruise, etc)?

Does attaching the hanger cause pain? What about adding some light amount of weight?

Well I didn’t notice until afterwards. Touching it yesterday evening there was light pain/discomfort. With little pressure applied The best way to describe it would be a pinched nerve feeling. No bruising. Just notice the excess skin swelling after a hang session.

must be doing something wrong. i did a 5lb for 20 min and the area where the head begins and the shaft ends is VERY sensitive. I may just try to use the vacads to hang for the remaining sets…

any advice please on what maybe causing this sensitivity

I’m not an injury expert, but I’ll do what I can to help.

I would say this: do NOT do anything else that causes pain. Reduce the weight, change the angle, or find a way to hang with no pain. If you can’t do that, try something else that doesn’t cause pain, such as light jelqing or ADS with a very light weight, whatever. If that causes pain too, then the injury could be serious—then you’ll be forced to take time off. If you can avoid it, don’t take more than a few days off, since your skin loses conditioning quickly.

Ultimately, if you absolutely can’t do any PE without causing pain, then don’t do it. Let yourself heal. You may lose some progress, but it’s far better than the alternative (a serious injury).

Keep a good log of this. Write about how you felt, the kinds of weight you were using, the length of time, etc. It’s possible you pushed yourself a little too hard. This could help you learn your limits. At the same time, improper hanger settings could also have caused this (too much pressure on the glans instead of the erectile chambers, or who knows).

Anyway, good luck figuring this out, and I hope you have a fast recovery.


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