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Various Hanging Angles

Various Hanging Angles

I’ve been hanging “tough” for almost 6-months now and have only achieved a modest EL gain. I’ve read that one needs to change routines if after a month you are not gaining.

I’ve been hanging straight down, sitting in a chair. I stand hanging straight down every now and then but in general my hanging angle has not changed. Its straight down.

I’m up to about 18 lbs. for 7-hours or so a week.

My question is this: Should I try a different angle, e.g., BTC or over the leg (left/right) or god forbid I ever figure out how, over the shoulder?

If I try a different angle I assume I would have to drop weight?

Lastly, in general, any words of assistance going on 6 months and wanting better results?


I just start hanging for few months now, I change direction every week just to hit different angle.

By doing only SD, you are hitting more at ligs, while doing SO, SU (OTS) you are hitting more tunica, which is harder to strecth but may give you further gain once the ligs has somehow stop gaining.

For the OTS, I only know many people use a kind of wheel on their shoulder (or even the chair), I can only firgure out maybe they make their own shoulder pad for that, never see a picture of it.

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You would probably do well to change angles (and yes, adjust weight along with that!), use heat and augment with jelquing or something else.

Read “Dainty PE” by memento.

regards, mgus

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For OTS I used my gym bench . Lie down on the bench as if you were going to do some bench presses . Hang the weights behind your head , with the rope going over the bar & connecting to the hanger . Once you get the length of the rope correct , it works fine , easy :)

Originally Posted by meiya777
By doing only SD, you are hitting more at ligs, while doing SO, SU (OTS) you are hitting more tunica, which is harder to strecth but may give you further gain once the ligs has somehow stop gaining.

This is something that’s always bugged me.

Is that really correct?

I would have thought that hanging straight down would hit the tunica just as much as straight out or over the shoulder, the only difference being that straight out (and maybe over the shoulder) would take the focus off of a certain section of the ligs (distributing the stress more evenly across the ligs etc.) therefore enabling you to support more weight in order to stretch the tougher tunica.

Is that a correct assumption?

What are people’s thoughts on this?

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Just like manual stretching, we can feel the lig fatigue/soreness with SD, and I never feel lig fatigue with SO. As stated before, SD is more in lig, and SO is more in tunica. I read in one post saying hanging above 10 o’clock hits even more tunica, and effectiveness of OTS is depends on how close can you dick rest to your stomach (exact 12 o’clock).

When I hang SO, I setup about 10:30 rather than 9 o’clock.

Starting Aug/06: BPEL 5.5", EG 4.3"

05/Feb/2007: BPEL 6.3", NBPEL 5.7", EG 4.9"

If you are indeed hanging that weight for that amount of time you should see gains. You maybe near a turning point, you do not say what you have gained but I would continue with that regimen for another couple of months and if by the 8th or 9th month you have not gained at least an inch, you will have difficulty gaining. Its not necessary to hang at different angles, it does provide comfort for some due to the changed stress points. Hanging straight down is the preferred method, other angles just fight the physiology and result in contraction of the ligaments. It took me almost a year to gain one inch, it is not something that happens overnight. And I probably hanged half the weight and half the time that you are putting in.

Eighteen pounds is an awful lot of weight for someone only 6 months in, unless you have a large phallus to handle that amount I would back off. If you are over stressing the anatomy you will not gain, everything will recede to protect the appendage. I have been doing this for over 4 years and I do not exceed 15 lbs, I am 8 by 5.85, you seem to really be pushing the extremes. You have to know your limits or you will do more harm than good, this is a marathon not a sprint.



Do you rotate angles when you hang? If so, do you hang in one position for weeks then change to another position for weeks and so on?


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You may not have much in the ligament dept to ‘give up’ for gains. You might want to consider switching to PE exercises that target the tunica (shaft) instead. That may be where you have to get growth, which would actually be new growth and not inner, base penis pulled forward. IMO, that is the best to have, albeit somewhat slower and harder to gain.

What I usually do is warm up so that my penis is pliable and stretchy. Then I’ll stretch at all angles, noting where the most resistance is. This is the direction I will then concentrate my hanging in.

The theory that I follow is that there are “limiting factors” that need to be bypassed, areas that are not stretching as much as the others, and therefore need to be stretched or released first, before growth takes place.

A word of warning though, bw: if you’re going to switch to OTS or especially BTC, lower your hanging weights.


No pain, no gain.. I been hanging 7.5lbs for about 4 hours per day and it’s driving me crazy.. Big gains after 1 month, but ouch.

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