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Vacuum hanging confusion


Uncover the vacuum release hole when you take of the Vac-Hanger - then you don’t have to roll the seal all the way back up again.

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I’ll try it, but I don’t think it’ll work. The sleeve is very tight. I’m using a pumpless hanger, so I can’t use a pump to suck my penis into the cap.

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This device was mentioned on a much older thread about vacuum hanging:…325_215_325.jpg

It is a “penis head enlarger”. The opening is 1.25” in diameter, and the inside of the main chamber is 2” in diameter. This gives the “vitamin bottle” shape that seems to be desired. However, you can you a hand pump to create a vacuum for hanging, possibly eliminating the need for a sleeve. Or you could skip the hand pump and still use a sleeve anyway.

My main question is, how would one go about attaching weight to this thing?

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Anyone know where to get some cheap vacuum hanger sleeves? I have a grip system that works fairly well. They sell sleeves at but they are $7 a piece plus shipping. Also the sleeves start to wear out after only one week. After that I have to keep adding vacuum because the worn out sleeves create a slow leak. I have fixed my grip chamber so that I can use my hand pump with vacuum gauge on it instead of the bulb pump. This way I can tell when I start to lose vacuum, it is very helpful.


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