No more water bubbles or red spots

Hi guys, I’ve been vacuum hanging for about a year now and the learning curve has been a struggle.. At the beginning I was using way too much vacuum and I was having problems with water bubbles and red spots that never went away.. I have now figured that *&^# out.. !
It’s all about using a product called.. Nexcare by 3m. Its a gentle non irritating paper tape.

I cut 3 strips of 6 inches and 2 strips of 4 inches.
Wrap one strip over your circumcision line and the second just above it so that its just below your glad.
Then put one of the 4 inch tapes across your pee hole to the other side and do the same going across to the other side so that they make an X.
I then take the 3rd 6 inch strip and wrap it around the strips used to make the X. This wrap goes just below the gland.
I then take some paper towel and cut them into 2 in wide by 6 inches long and I wrap it around the entire tape job.

The paper towel makes it nice and snug inside the vac chamber and removes the dead air space that causes the extra vacuum.
I then put on the vac hanger all the way to the tip and hold it there while I roll the rubber over the penis.
Once this is on I push the rubber on all sides into the vacuum removing the dead air space. I can can hang 3 lbs like this without the use of my vac pump.
I started adding an elastic band over the rubber and it seems to prevent the pressure from being released.

Once I’m warmed up I can add some internal vac pressure and hang 15 lbs with absolutely no slippage inside the chamber and it’s a serious dick pull all the way into the pubic bone hanging between my legs as I do my email stuff.. Like I’m doing now..

After my 30 min continuous session, I remove the weights and remove the vac pressure but I keep the vac hanger on during my rest period. After 10 min I add vac pressure and start my second set etc.. Il do this 3 times in the morning and once at night.

I’ve gained substantially in the flaccid state with very minimal skin stretch. My old purple dots are almost gone now and they don’t even show up anymore after my entire session is complete so YES I have finally figured out how not to get water bubbles or red dots !! Whoop Whoop

Give it a try boys let me know how you fair !