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Vacuum Hanger question


Vacuum Hanger question

Am I wrong or doesn’t the vacuum hanger work by putting it’s pulling force into pull by the head of the penis?

Aren’t manual stretchers advised to not pull by the head?

Is this different or is the vacuum hanger not as potentially as much of a problem as pulling the head with the hands?

Hey Tivase,

It’s sort of the opposite; the vac exerts outward pressure, manual stretching would require a ‘clamping’ effect.

I too though welcome all newbie and veteran comments on the perils/advantages of vac hanging. Thinking of getting one myself, there’s surprisingly little in the hangers forum.

The only disadvantage I have found from Vac hangining is water blisters.

Originally Posted by joe_smith
The only disadvantage I have found from Vac hangining is water blisters.

Water blisters?

Blisters like someone gets on either their hands or feet?

Eh kinda. It it when to vacuum pressure causes fluid to get caught between the layers of skin. they don’t happen all the time but they can happen. Do a search on it I’m sure some you find more info on them. I even have some picture on here of the first water blister I got on here somewhere. Freak the heck out of me. Now I just pop um and move on.

Originally Posted by joe_smith
Now I just pop um and move on.


I didn’t search, yet. But, what, they happen on the head, I’m guessing?

Is that a problem during sex?

The can basically happen anywhere. Most of mine happen on the head of my penis and others have happened between my circumcision scar and the head of my penis, but I think if you use Monkeybar’s Vacuhanger the like hood of these kind will be minimal to nil. I use the Max-Vac and like it, but I would really like to try the Vacuhanger but just can’t afford one right now.

I’ve got the Max-Vac as well and have to say it’s the best hanger I’ve ever used and I’ve used 3 different ones over the years. I use my MV a little differently I think from most cause I wrap the head with sports wrap and a blue sleeve on top of that and go in under vacuum. Using this method since I got the hanger (Sept 9, 06) I’ve not yet to have any blisters at all! Only get a little swelling at the pee hole but that’s about it.

I’m currently hanging 8lbs for 1 hr, 2- 30 min sets. 8lbs is not that much weight but still significate enough to feel with this hanger but it does not slip or give at all, very solid and hassle free. I have found this hanger very refreshing from a lot of the crap I’ve used in the past.

It does do the pulling from the head/shaft and gives me a nice stretch on the ligs/tunica depending on the angle of pull. I haven’t tried heavier weight with this hanger yet, working my way up in weight as I haven’t hung for many months but I have no doubt 10lbs wouldn’t be a problem, above that I’m not sure.

The only problem I see with a vac hanger is the higher in weight you go, the more vacuum that is required to hold that weight then blisters will become a very serious problem indeed. I guess I’ll find out how much my dick can take as I continue to move up in weight.

So it sounds like Vacuhanger and MaxVac are both decent options. Which is more popular among the forum?


I think at 8 pounds you wouldn’t get any blisters whether you wrapped or not. I only get blisters at higher weights around 15+.

Originally Posted by og6
So it sounds like Vacuhanger and MaxVac are both decent options. Which is more popular among the forum?

Why not look in the Review section of the forum?

Monkeybar’s Vacuhanger was ahead last I checked, both for price and for comfort. But have a look around yourself and you be the judge.

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I’ve gotten blister’s with as little as 11 pounds, but my unit seems to have toughened up recently, so that I can generally do a 30 minute set at 11 pounds with no problems. I use monkey bar’s hanger, by the way, and think it is an effective product. He sent me some head covers with my last sleeve order and the large one was very effective. However, I ripped it and the smaller one seemed to be less effective due to slippage. By slippage, I mean that I couldn’t fit my head into the receptacle end of the cover, so the cover would actually slip down my member over time.

Originally Posted by doggmann
By slippage, I mean that I couldn’t fit my head into the receptacle end of the cover, so the cover would actually slip down my member over time.

Which causes fluid build-up, correct? Or at least that is what I think I have read, so I am asking.

If so, the real key to avoid all that is a properly fitting ‘head cover?’

Oh, and back to the original question:

So no one is having nerve issues from using these vacuum hangers, which seem to essentially pull from the glans, which would be a no-no for manual stretching?

I also have one of Monkey bars vacuum hangers, it’s really a good product, I’m just having trouble getting it on and off. I’ve run through just about all of the sleeves that came with it, the sleeves are not big enough for the cylinders, I have the large and ex-large, I started out with the large and pretty soon had to go up to the extra large, The sleeves get little pin holes and pretty soon they just tear into in the middle. Do the sleeves come in different sizes? It’s almost impossible to get the sleeves over the cylinder, I have to heat the sleeve to get it on and then I have an awful time getting it on my unit and the taking it off is just as hard, about five days is all I can get out of one sleeve.

I’ve only been using it for about three weeks, I’m using only five pounds. I started out hanging too long at one time and I got some blood blisters on the end of the gland around the pee hole, I’m also having trouble with ED, was already have this problem before hanging, so I don’t get to use my unit very often anyway. My wife and I are in our 60s and sex just isn’t at the top of our daily activities.

I’ve had high blood pressure for about eight years and the medicine I take is what has caused the ED issue, the ED started about the same time I started taking the meds for the high blood pressure, so I’m very certain this is my problem, even when I do get it up it’s not a full erection, may have to start putting a splint on it, LOL!

On a brighter side, the hanger has helped me with the ED thing, I have a little better libido since I started using the hanger, so this is just one of the side benefit of the hanger. I’ve not noticed any gains to speak of, of course you would not in such a short time of three weeks. Hey guys, keep the info coming in, us older guys are relying on you younger ones to keep us informed on the ins and outs of PE. My kind regards, Lastresort

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