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Vacuum Hanger Question about Penis Tip


Originally Posted by joe_smith
I cut the thumb off of a size large rubber dish glove and there is no way I can get this thing over the tip of my penis. How the heck did you do this?

First, turn it inside out, then roll it up all the way like a condom, put your totally flaccid penis head to the “condom”, press it against it and try to roll it so it covers the very tip of your penis head. Once you have managed to do this, grab the penis tip (that is now slightly covered by the dish-glove-thumb) and continue to roll it down until you have covered your penis head.

Believe me, you can do it! The penis head can get extremely small when you compress it in the flaccid state. Just practice some more. I might create a “how to” in the members picture forum but that is by no means a promise.

I noticed the same problem a few times, my fix was when sliding down the silicone on the shaft towards the pubic bone, the more area i covered, the more evenly the pull distributed and so the lass pressure was absorbed by the head and ultimately the tip of the penis where the build up occurs. Now that i know how to wear it correctly, i haven’t gotten that in a looong time and I’m wearing it 3 days on, 1 day off.. each session lasting about 3 hours… Hope this helps.

I’ve started using vacuum hanger also and I noticed that after longer sessions (25 minutes or so) that the skin on the bottom side of my head can get pretty puffy.

There is no pain and it does subside after a while, but it kind of keeps me from hanging for a while. It has also happened using the vac-extender.

I was wondering if anybody had any tips to help prevent this from happening?


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