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Vacuum Hanger and erections

Vacuum Hanger and erections

I am using this vacuum hanger, by mb.

The question is, is an erection while using it good, bad or neutral? I know that in principal, an erection would be bad while hanging, but I just can’t seem to avoid getting a little engorged over the last several sessions.

Has this happened with anyone else? Or has anyone encouraged erections while using a vac hanger? If so, on either count, what are the results or effects?

For background, I am using very light weight, which may almost encourage this as it is about the level of a blowjob, considering that the hanger is part vacuum. Considering this, and knowing that some pumpers try to have erections in the pump, I might think that an erection isn’t necessarily a bad thing - though I don’t encourage them. But they seem to be happening nonetheless, lately..

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

I don’t think getting erections in the hanger is a good thing. I have gotten that way maybe once on accident, and it wasn’t a hard erection, but nonetheless your suppose to hand flaccid.

I’ve been using my hanger as and ads, and like it more than the smaller hangers that come with the extender. It seems to handle the glans better. Do you use your hanger with the constriction sleeve, or just a bare tip? Does your urethra opening get a bit stretched out from it?

Thanks kush.

With all the guys using the vac hanger, no one has gotten erect with using one? And/or no one has an idea that it this is good or bad considering that the hanger does use vacuum to stay on, and pumpers try to remain erect while pumping?

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