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Vacuhanger sleeves seem way too tight

Vacuhanger sleeves seem way too tight

I tried using my new vacuhanger today. It worked very well except for rolling the sleeves around the cylinder. I was able to do this eventually, but when I tried to roll it up again after the session with my dick inside I couldn’t do it. I had to unroll the sleeve off the cylinder from the other side to get the cylinder off, and then completely roll the sleeve off my dick (kind of painful). Am I the only one having this issue with the sleeves?


Two things. The sleeves do loosen up a bit after a few uses but they need to be tight enough to create the vacuum. The discomfort, in my experience, comes from the sleeve being longer than necessary. It should not reach right to the base of your dick. Maybe half way between the hanger and the base.

I noticed them being a little tight too, but I have only been using the vac-hanger for a few days. Are there different sized sleeves and is it possible for the sleeves to restrict bloodflow from being too tight? Can more people give some input on this?

I found that cutting the sleeves helps a lot (especially for putting it on and taking off) but even then it seems too tight. I’m not sure whether the sleeves restrict bloodflow though.

I cut them, too, but they also loosen up a bit after a few uses.

I don’t know which type of hanger you use, but try this if possible. In my eyes, it’s the best way of getting a safe vacuum. But you have to have enough foreskin to do this. I have only used this method whenever I did vacuum ADS.

Grey: condom; blue: hanger; orange: (fore)skin; red: the rest of the penis

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That looks painful to put your cylinder edge under your foreskin. Of course I don’t know, since I don’t have a foreskin.

Horny Bastard

No it’s not. It’s not really the foreskin, but the skin near the head. Just imagine you put a regular vacuum hanger with a sleeve on. The sleeve then is only for not getting air into the hanger. Take away the sleeve then, roll a bit of skin over the hanger and secure it with a condom that you roll downwards from the top of the hanger. (You have to cut away the closed end of the condom first of course) The pressure from the condom was tiny for me. The key is to have enough skin and a sticky washed and dry condom. By the way I did a wrapping for the glans which is not shown in the picture.

Og6 - to put off my vac hanger I hold the hanger with the weights on with one hand and let some air inside by pulling on the sleeve on the side of my dick. Then the whole thing slips off (I also use a wrap around my glans and a half an inch further. Not painful at all (maybe your dick needs a little conditioning but then it will be fine.

Later - ttt

I have found the larger diameter sleeves to be much more comfortable. I also agree that you want as little as possible extending from the hanger onto your penis. The sleeves I use only extend an inch or so onto mine. I am very happy with the fit.

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