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vacu hanger sleeves


I had couple of email exchange with paypal and here’s the gist - its refunded, but they can’t tell me where the money is for privacy reason. I don’t know if they wait till certain date to post the refund. All I see on my end is that its refunded.

Go ahead and call your credit card company - maybe they have a better answer than I do.

I have ordered twice from monkeybar and had fast replys to my emails and fast shipping. We also do web sales and its funny how its always our fault when 99% of the time they send us the wrong address, their email doesnt work or some other stupid problem on their end. You will also note no apologies for calling names and telling people not to do business with someone on a public message board.

Purple, any luck with your CC company. Do whatever you need to do and we’ll get things sorted out.

Its no ones fault - sometime stuff like this happen on the Internet (and there are lots of mistrust on internet transaction). There will be some heated feeling, but in the end, if everyone is patient/understanding, it will all work out in the end. Trust me, I’ve been called many things and it really don’t bother me. Its just temporary fraustration and understandable. I do the same thing when I order something online too - just human nature.


No worries man I have ordered from you twice in the past with no problem at all. BTW, necessity really is the mother of invention. I have been cutting up old sleeves and using only a small strip to cover the air hole and as a result a much shorter than usual length for the shaft attachment and it actually holds more weight than just using one longer sleeve (18 lbs. in a fulcrum hang, a new personal best). Maybe a new design idea for you, huh? I’ll handle the CC thing this weekend and get back to you on Monday. Thanks for your help.

Hey Monkey bar, I want to buy sleeve’s to.where do I go to get them?. And how much?


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