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Vacation and Rest

Vacation and Rest

I am going to be gone for about five days in March in which I won’t be able to hang (wife will be with me). I will have been hanging for about three months by then and am concerned with the five days off. Will some basic stretching (straight out) keep my ligs stretched? Maybe 5 sets in the morning and 5 in the evening?

Thanks for info!

I would say consider taking a break from PE and enjoy the trip. I don’t see it as so critical that 5 days or more is going to make a difference. Could be helpful to enjoy the company of your wife and come back with renewed enthusiasm. You don’t need the stress of trying to figure out when your going to get some time in so live it up instead. I am sure the misses will appreciate it.


What are your resultes.

Tiod, don’t worry about it. In fact, I suggest you don’t give PE a single thought on your vacation. Instead, do some endurance penis training with your wife - use your enhanced dick, that’s what PE is for in the first place.

Besides, 5 days of no hanging will not make a difference - hell, it could be beneficial, sort of a small deconditioning break.

So have a nice, sexually fulfilled and no PE obsessed vacation!

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