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Vac Hangers.

Vac Hangers.

I have been using monkeys bars heavy vac hanger as an ADS/ADH. Its been great so far, but I recently started to develop some problems. I started developing alot of red spots at the tip of my head, and the whole tip just gets very red in general. I took a few days off, hoping to clear it up, but the first time back, it came back worse than before. It seems to clear up after a day or two. This happened when not using the constriction sleeve. I split mine and ordered some new ones. They seem to work ok, but to be honest, they are a pain in the ass! They are too small, split too easy, and they are very hard to get on. I think monkey bar needs to consider making another size for people with a little more girth.

Today I did some light stretching in the shower, and it happened from stretching now too. My fear is that I may have developed a chronic problem. Anyone else experience this? Thanks for your help!

I also have a question for the experienced users of vacu-hanging. When you guys take breaks do you take off the entire device or just remove the tension? It seems a lot of trouble to take it off, put it on especially if you have a day job. Is it possible to wear it all day without removing it but just release the tension whenever it gets uncomfortable? Thanks for you help.

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