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Vac Hanger Head blister Ergh


Vac Hanger Head blister Ergh

Hi guys.

I appreciate any help.
I’ve read in the injuries forum about blisters as I’ve developed one from using the Vac-hanger either for too long or without enough break in between sets.I’ll admit I was pushing the 20 minute mark.and I know it’s a no no with the vac hanger.

The blister is quite large on the left of my urethra. Approximately half the size of the left side of the head. At present, it isn’t hurting at all. And I’m a little apprehensive about popping it.this IS my PENIS HEAD we’re talking about!

What is the best course of action?
I know hanging and for the most part training will be off the books for some time. Which is a pain in the ass but hey, it’s my own fault.

Is there a way for the blister to subside without popping it?

I’m thinking of wrapping the glans with theraband or finding a way to cover my entire glans with a constriction sleeve and sealing off the tip. It seems like it should work for preventing blisters/discoloration.

While hanging?

Might I add that I’m uncut. I have thought about what has been said in some of the other blister threads about apply pressure like a constriction sleeve.would anyone advise against this? I’m just going to roll my foreskin back up and go to bed and see what it looks like in the morning right now.


I haven’t gotten a blister so I’m not sure how to treat it, I was just looking into something that might help prevent it in the future. Good luck getting back into it soon.

Hey buddy,

This happened to me last fall. The only to heal a blister is to wait until it “dries up” and new skin forms. As for me, I had no pain at all when the blister was there or when I popped it. But any contact hurts like hell when the dead skin goes away and the dermis is exposed.

From my point of view, I think the only way to heal a blister is to remove the dead skin and let the dermis exposed. Advice: wash and disinfect the wound. Last year I had a blister on my foot that got infected. It hurt like crazy, I got a fever and I had to go to the hospital to receive antibiotics by IV. You don’t want to have this happen to you when the blister is on your dick. Get yourself a good antiseptic soap and wash the blister with it 2-3 times/day.

So my advice to you would be to pop it, disinfect it (please, do yourself a favor and do not use rubbing alcohol or peroxide, use something less painful) and wait. You should be able to have sex again in 5 days. Wait until you’re completely healed to resume hanging.

So your advice would be to pop it, push any fluid out and remove the skin forcibly? Or just let the skin die while keeping it clean.

Embarrassing to say but I’ve had a genital herpes outbreak before (dumbass got a bj from girl with a cold-sore and didn’t put the two together). Posted on the main forum about it about a year ago. This is why I’m not like OMG! WTF! Because I know any pain I have won’t touch that outbreak I had.

Oh believe me I’m not gonna use anything like alcohol on it as I originally tried this on the herpes sore skin.terrible idea. I actually felt a ringing sensation in my ear from that

Thanks for the help powpow. And randomgiant, for next time ill keep that in mind.

OK. Update

Just popped it. Squeezed the fluid out, nasty. So now it’s like an empty bag over the area of ‘raw’ head. Which is definitely uncomfortably sensitive. My only worry is that I have foreskin and that it may make it uncomfortable every time it rubs on it when the old skin comes off and the raw area is exposed.
But then I also may save the higher level of discomfort than that if I were circumcised, it would be rubbing on my trousers. Which sounds more painful to me.

I’m now trying to get to the root of this. What may have caused it?
Too high a weight too soon, without being ready?
Hanging for too long?
Not taking a long enough of a break between sets?
Putting the hanger on wrong or having the hanger slip a little so only some of my head was in it fully toward the end of the last set?

I think it may be hanging in the vac for too long. I’m definitely reducing my hanging time when I get back on again to say 15 mins max per set.
Could it be any of the others?
They’re all possibilities as they can apply to my last hanging session. But I want to try and narrow it down.

when I got blisters, it was because of long sets with not enough rest between each set. But the sets I was doing were MUCH longer than yours. I did 3 x 1hour set quite a few times, but the time when I got a blister, I just remove the hanger after my 2nd 1hour set, went to pee and put the hanger right back on. I was hanging 10 lbs at the time.

I guess our skin doesn’t react in the same way to stress.

I’ve only just started hanging again. Never really got into it. Perhaps my skin isn’t conditioned enough?

Maybe, I’ve just started myself, and I couldn’t imagine an hour-long set.

I’m starting to believe that it was a combination of too much weight for too long. When I start again, I won’t be so hasty to increase weight just because I think the previous weight is minor.
I was hanging at 2.5kg (5.5lbs) and didn’t feel too much of a stretch, but I’d only been hanging for 3 or so sessions.
So I upped it to 3.75kg (8.25lbs) which after a long period began to feel like to much.
I will stay on 5.5lbs until I deem my penis and penile skin to be conditioned next time.

I think I just had newbie syndrome starting hanging again. I’m far from a newbie but I can be over hasty sometimes.

Will update with any developments. Thanks again for the help.

One question powpow.

How long did it take for the blister skin to come off? Mine doesn’t seem to want to budge. I’m not forcing it. But is it too soon for it to come off?

It took a few days actually. I remember the day after I got the blister, it was almost as if nothing ever happened since I had popped the blister and the dead skin just stuck onto my glans like it was still good. I had sex that night and could only feel a slight tingle at the spot where I punctured the skin to get the fluid out.

2-3 days after the dead skin started to get loose. I tried to have sex one night and I could not because the feeling of my girl’s sweet wet pussy was burning the sensitive dermis that was exposed under the damaged skin. That’s when I decided to operate and get rid of the dead skin. I guess it took me 5-7 days before I could have sex again.

The thing with blisters is, even if the dead skin looks like it’s going to “get back to life”, in the end it never does and it always ends up falling off.

Please, don’t forget to disinfect. Be patient, let the hanger in it’s box until you feel you are fully healed.

Ah ok. I was considering manually removing the skin. But I’ll leave it another couple of days since you said that. Not looking forward to the next phase. But, nothing can be done about it really.

I am washing it a couple of times a day with soap and give it a light wash when I go to pee. (Run water over it, blot dry)
I’m using a tiny amount of anti-septic cream on it after washing to keep it clean.

Thanks again

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