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Vac Hanger Head blister Ergh


Same thing has happened to me twice in the past and it usually takes about a week and a half for a big blister to heal but they are not as bad as they look.

Just had some of the skin come off today, so tried to get more off that would come off. Very painful sore/raw area, unfortunately right next to the urethra so pissing will be a joy EVERY TIME!

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Membrane has started to form (whitish/creamy stuff that forms on raw flesh before a scab forms)
Doing my best not to interfere with it but still cleaning it with soap. Very Lightly.
After pissing I don’t touch the raw area to clean it, I keep it clean from getting urine in it and then run water around the surrounding area to keep that clean.
After which I blot it with tissue to dry.

I did blot the raw area at first but this just kept removing the ‘membrane’ so now I just wet it, dab soap over it and run water over it lightly to clean it. While being less cautious about the surrounding area and the foreskin, as I just want to keep it clean.

At first I did apply antiseptic to the raw skin but this ended up getting all over my penis and making a mess. And also formed a more viscous surface for ‘after pee’ drops to move through.
So now I just concentrate on keeping the raw area dry and as clean as I can make it.

I have one area of concern though. Maybe powpow or others can help me.
Not ALL of the blister skin seems to want to come off. I have about half of it removed but the rest looks as thought it isn’t going anywhere and I’m not going to force it.

Now I have the outline of the blister near the raw area, I hope this isn’t permanent. Makes my head look dirty :(

My advice is — leave the blister to heal naturally. Perhaps use a creme with Vit E, but you can’t do much to speed the rate at which your skin regenerates. I’ve had them on 3 occasions, one of which was nasty indeed.

When you glans has healed and you’re ready to re-start hanging, try using “Boots” finger bandage as a constriction sleeve. Don’t know how girthy your glans is, but I’ve been able to squeeze my glans into the bandage, roll it down my shaft and fix it with boots surgical tape, and then apply vac hanger. That way I can hang for 60 mins in one go. Boots sell the bandages rolled in plastic packaging — 6 in a package, and one can last a few weeks.

Hope this makes sense

Hey Sacred,

Hope the lil’head is doing alright. For the skin that is not coming off, just wait, it will come off. I got some kind of a scar when I got my glans blister. After healing the new skin was kind of more pale than the “old” one. It took about two months before it became absolutely un-noticeable.


Scab started forming about 3 days ago. Now it’s fully covering the dermis.
Expect it will be about another 2 or so days before it starts to fall off.
All in all it’s looking like more of a 2 week heal for me. Don’t know why so long but at least I’ll be hanging again soon.

Sacred, did you use the constriction sleeve? The short “showercap” thing to cover your glans? It’s meant to be used for this very reason.

I would guess your went up in weights too fast. With vac-hanging, time X weight = force on skin until your skin gets used to it. I.e. the higher the weight you use shortens the possible hangtime until you get lymphbuildup, and if you overdo it you might wind up with a blister.

I’ve only gotten one blister ever, from using the vac-ads at too high a pull, and so it slipped a little and right there I got it. And I wasn’t conditioned. Slow and steady etc.

regards, mgus

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Hey Mgus.

No I wasn’t using it. I find it very hard to get on and I usually rip them. I will try from now on though. If I can’t then I’ll just take it much easier than I did. As it’s the only way I can do it. I have a relatively girthy head and the sleeves supplied just don’t seem to want to work with my dick.

I think I narrowed down my problem if you read my earlier posts, I think I just went up in weight too fast and held it for too long.
That’s just me being hasty. I’ll stick at 2.5kg (5.5lbs) from now and won’t go up to 3.75kg (which is when I encountered the problem until I KNOW I’m ready and I don’t just do it out of speculation.



Scab came off this morning. I just woke up and it was gone. So I’ll resume hanging in a few days as the skin is still a little tender since it’s new.
So it’s 11 days since I got the blister to when the scab came off and I could resume PE. Though as I say I think I’ll wait until the 14 day mark to be safe.

Just want this thread to be a warning/guide to those who get blisters from hanging to ease their worries and also give them an incling as to how long it will take for them to be back in business.



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