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I have been v-hanging for the last week and not fully sure what it fully targets ligs or tunica. My lot is about 7 to 8 so I’m out to attack my tunica ,I have drawn a picture and would like some input from guys on what is taking the stress. There is the blues line which I would think is hitting the ligs and then the red which is the tunica but would still like some input to this. I have tried normal btc with no success and I really like v-hanging I can hang a lot of weight with no real discomfort I just hope that I’m hitting my tunica more then my ligs.

Thanks guys

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You are hitting your tunica. What I don’t really like about this setup is you don’t know exactly what kind of force is acting on your dick. There’s the weight divided by 2 but you’re also leaning back to keep this v-shape. There’s also the local pressure at where you hang the nylon strap, in time this could give you a sharp upward bend.

If you already got the hook under your table why not attach an extension cord to your bib, hang the extension cord over the hook and attach the weight to it.

What I dont like about this set up is it places alot of stress on the top of the shaft which could have a negative effect on the dorsal nerve. Why not use a fulcrum rod?

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You’d be working primarily the top of the shaft and depending on the angle of the V, possibly ligs.

Personally, I wouldn’t hang that way. There is more delicate stuff (nerves, arteries, veins) toward the top of the shaft than on the bottom. I do manual V-stretches, but prolonged pressure on the dorsal side of the penis probably isn’t good.

As BBS said, why not fulcrum hang instead? It’s a better option if tunica is your focus.

I flipped your drawing to show fulcrum hanging.

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I did v-hanging for about 5 months and gained about 3/4”bpel solid. It has been very effective for me. I’m sure that it hits both the ligs and tunica.

However, any exercise that puts stress on a small portion of the penis (the portion under the strap which holds the weights) shouldn’t be used for long periods of time, in my opinion. That way there is no chance of developing an unwanted bend or tissue build-up in a stressed area. That’s why I think, as far as safety goes, SO BTC etc. are the best hanging positions.

I started alternating between v-hanging, inverted v-hanging (fulcrum hanging over a thick dowel), and SO hanging. I picked these because I know them well, and they seem to compliment each other nicely. 2 sets v-hanging, 2 sets inverted, and whatever I can handle SO.

I can see why some people are worried about dorsal nerve damage. I am too after I tried to hang for 30min. and my glans went numb for a few minutes. Just keep the sets shorter, fulcrum hanging is not for beginners.

Thank for the reply guys I’ll give fulcrum hanging another go it used to stretch the skin really bad but I’ll figure it out.

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