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I’m just wondering if anybody has tried this: I tie a shoe lace to a bookcase at sitting/penis level and hook my hanger to it so that it’s lightly stretching my penis straight out. Then I get a strap (to which I fastened a hook at each end) and lay it over the back end of the hanger. I attach the weights via the hooks and it pulls it all down into a V-stretch. I’ve gained at least 1/8” a month (sometimes 1/4”) since June, and I only use 5 lbs. Another good thing about it is that it doesn’t require the skin to be stretched.

Interesting idea… might have to try this one!

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Great gains but a visual of the technique would help. Can you post one?


I actually brought this up in a thread that wadzilla started a while back, but I can’t fint it at the moment. I have been thinking about setting up a v-hanging scenario as well, however the reason I have not is because I need a fish-scale. I want to see how much weight you would have to add in order to use v-hanging. The more weight you add in the middle, the more weight you will have to add at the end, so I am unsure about the safety of it. I guess you could anchor the hanger to a stable point at the extremity and only use weights on the center. However, with the amount of force I use to v-stretch, I am inclined to think it would take a fairly substantial amount of weight to acheive the same effect. If you decide to try it, would you be so kind as to post back here as to whether or not it was successful/efficient?

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You kinda have to adjust the weight by feel, because there are too many variables, i.e. the amount of tug from the anchored/horizontal attachment. I’m sure you could find out how much weight you are actually pulling by using a fish-scale, but I don’t think it’s as simple as adding the horizontal pull to the vertical pull. We may need some sort of mathematical equation to figure it out. But, since I’ve been making gains (for months) v-hanging 5lbs., I’ve had no need to get into the mathematics of it.

As far as safety, I was gaining less with more pain while hanging straight down with the same amount of weight. So, for me, this is the safest and most efficient hanging technique I’ve found (so far).

Good luck. Let me know if it works for you.

I have switched to a V-hang method after noticing results. I’ll try to keep this brief:

I started hanging years ago, and achieved an inch of BPEL growth, in approximately 1.5 years. I stopped two years ago, because of an injury while experimenting. I was experimenting with a V-hanging method, and made two mistakes – I used too much weight and I didn’t understand the importance of making sure that you get all the blood out of the glans (head) before hanging.

Now, I have started my PE program back up, and I use the V-hang method. I prefer the V-hang method because it has produced results for me, and I can hang a lot more weight than I could using standard straight down hanging techniques. Also, I have a very low LOT (6:30), so some tunica work is needed. I also alternate my hanging routine with A-stretches (DLD blasters), and jelq every other day for girth/penis health.

I use as much weight as I can comfortably. I started with 10 lbs, and quickly moved up to 16lbs. I am now using 29lbs as my first “set”, lowering the weight down to 16lbs as fatigue sets in. I was stuck at 7.5” BPEL over two years ago. I have been hanging/ jelqing/ stretching since 24 September 2003, and today I am at 7.88” BPEL. I know that I have never hit the 8” BPEL mark ever, and I know that the 7.5” BPEL was my best prior to 24 September 2003, because of multiple measurements over time. The small but significant increase lets me know that I’m on my way. Unfortunately, I have found that it takes a lot of dedication and time.

This is my first post. I have been following this forum for sometime. This is an awesome forum. I have been motivated and inspired by many of you who have shared your experiences on this forum; so, I decided to post. I hope the attached jpg image helps illustrate my version of the V-hang. [Note: The “robe belt” is fixed at one end, so I only worry about the weight in the middle].

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Great drawing and post, you will hit 8 before you know it

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What should be the advantage of a v-stretch/hang?
I mean, ok, you can put on more weight (why?) but doesnt that indicate that the weight doesnt have the same effect as when you hang straight down? When you have the same effect/pull with less weight why a v-stretch?

It looks more like damaging something (in the pic)

My goal: from 11.9 cm NBPEL to 18 cm NBPEL (~7 ") or never...!!!! after 5 weeks(and a long break): 12.5 cm NBPEL

You have to add more weight because some of the weight is being carried by the hanger and it’s stationary attachment. It’s not any more weight on the penis.
I think the reason why V-hanging is effective is because it’s splitting the stretch into two segments, or that it stretches both at the base/lower shaft and upper shaft at the same time.
I liked it because it required less skin stretch than hanging SD.
Any kind of PE has the potential for damage, you just have to find the best and safest methods. I haven’t injured myself from v-hanging.

I’m glad you’re getting gains again. 7.5” seems to be a common length for getting stuck, but I’m glad you’re breaking through.
How does that rope hanger work? It seems a bit dangerous. Is it comfortable?
Good luck.

I like the idea of V-Hanging, but I just can’t imagine my dick handling even 5 lbs like this. I’m taking a break from hanging to experiment with other exercises right now, but will definitely try this with a small amount of weight when I start back.

Guys, what about the pressure on the dorsal nerve? Looks like it’s taking a direct hit - OUCH!

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG


I have never fulcrum hung. I did not have to. But from my understanding, these guys use a wide, soft cloth to hang the weights on the shaft, and it is not behind the head. There should not be any direct, blunt force, on the dorsal nerve. But it is wise to be concerned about it and keep watch for numbness.


Thanks Bib, I will try this and let you all know.

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG

Bib’s right, I use a pad, underneath a strap that holds the weights. No numbness or anything so far.

While we all have PE goals, none of us want any injuries. I personally take frequent breaks and don’t hang everyday. The reason I use the V-hang is because it has helped me break plateaus. When I was initially stuck at 7.25 inch, I used it to get to 7.5 inch. Using it now, I broke the 7.5 inch barrier. Guys like DLD have achieved massive gains over a great deal of time with only manual techniques — I keep this in mind. Hence, I don’t rely solely on the V-hang.

I initially got the idea by watching a cable show where a guy hung a large rock from his penis this way. There’s a link to a gentleman from India on this forum somewhere that shows him twisting his penis and hanging in a similar fashion. I tried my variation, and it worked for me; but, I use it for breaking plateaus only. Also, I don’t use extremely heavy weight often. Usually I hang 16-20 lbs for short periods throughout the day. So, The 16 lbs is my “base” weight. I only go up in weight periodically for only my first set (very short set) and then go immediately back to my base weight. The idea is to create micro tears and keep them open for healing — not to hang ridiculous amounts of weight and hurt myself. I will never use more than 29lbs for a single brief short set, and I never hang more than 5 days a week. If others have achieved results without the potential for damage, why should I put myself at risk? I believe that constant V-hanging with heavy weight can be dangerous, so it’s only a tool I use to help break these troublesome plateaus.

Since PE takes many years of hard work and dedication, I try to use the methods that work. I am basically using all the techniques that others have found success with and alternating them to keep my ligs and tunica guessing. I don’t have all the answers — If I did, I’d already have reached my goal already. This forum has helped me focus on stuff that has worked for others (e.g. jelq, A-stretches, hanging).

P.S. I’m considering experimenting with the Cable clamps I read about in another post for girth.

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