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Unconventional Warm up

Unconventional Warm up

I use to do a hot wrap before and in between when hanging (except at the after last set).

But for the past two months I warm up with a space heater (one that blows warm air). First I point the thing at my crotch for a few minutes and usually when my nut sack drops I know I am warmed up (this may not be a sign during the summer). I actually leave the heater on below my chair while I hang. My head stays nice and warm and I think it may help with the stretch.

Does anyone else use this technique? And what are your opinions on this method.



Beats the hell out of having to unwrap between sets to use a damp towel, and sounds handier than a heating pad also. Although there is some speculation about the use of damp heat. In my case it might get a little warm in the room during summer in Texas. Have you tried the battery opperated hunter’s socks? (Oshman’s $10.00)


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I was using a heater next my feet last winter. I had it angled up into my groin area while hanging.

It was nice because it warmed the room and also my units head. However I was concerned that the added warmth of the heater hid the fact that my circulation was poor so I looked forward to summer in the hope that I could determine if my circulation without heat inducement from the heater was good/bad or indifferent.

I must say that this summer I have had better circulation then last winter but I feel I have bettered my technique somewhat.

I do however feel that the old heater will be cranked up again this coming winter but I am not intending to fall rely-ate on the heater directed towards my glands for not making my gland go colder. If it is getting colder I like the rest of us need to know about it.


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I was thinking about doing this exact same thing. However, I’m worried about what the constant heat might do to the testicles. Anyone think there is any chance it could lower sperm count?

Are you trying to have a kid any time soon? If not don’t worry about it. You won’t go sterile, but it will be harder to have a kid for about 3 months from the last time you do this.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I use an infrared light bulb from Home Depot. Works great for me!


I only ask because I have read more than a few times that heat can cause infertility. But it would be correct to say that this infertility would only be temporary? Forgive me for being overly cautious, but I wouldn’t trade my fertility for a ten inch dick.

No problem. I agree that your hesitation is warranted in this matter. It is just not of a perpetual duration this lowered count. It redoes itself after you cease to do this. I believe spunk takes 3 months to percolate from nothing to jitt? So you stop heating when you want to have a kid, eat well, and clean out the pipes like a mad man. 90 plus days later you got a fresh supply of the good stuff.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

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