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uncircumcised hanging


Originally Posted by quim92
You are encouraging many uncut guys mate, thanks for showing up! Have you seen when guys apply some cotton or toilet paper with a band to keep the foreskin pulled back and then apply the wrap? What do you think about that? Also this guy uses blu tac but it might not work for the Bib: “Hanging Progress New anti-slip method”. Why did you change the Bib starter.?
And if you could answer the same questions I asked to the other two guys: What did you do before hanging and how much you gained before and when hanging? What weight and num of sets you have reached?


I started PE when I was 18 and bought a membership to a site called PEdevelopment, where they explained the basics of PE, which were manual stretching and jelqing. V stretches were considered pretty advanced PEing back then. I’m talking about the very early 2000s. So I started doing those, and kept at it for at least 2 years I think. I did a lot of jelqing, prolly between 30-45 mins everyday. Went from 5.5 BPEL to around 7 doing that. I’ve been at 7” for most of my 20s. Throughout my 20s., I’ve made a few wimp attempts at PEing, without much success of course. Then around 29 years old, I started hanging with the bib starter at first, then with the regular afterwards.
I switched to the regular because I was told that it might help prevent slippage, since the regular has a bigger area of contact with the penis.
Hanging gave me an additional 3/8 of BPEL over a whole year, which isn’t much. Most of my gains came from SD hanging, with some swinging for the last 3-4 mins of some sets. I usually hung around 4 sets of 20 mins. I tried hanging BTC, and split sets (morning + evening sets) too. I’ve talked quite a while with bigger, trying to get a better technique to eventually hang heavier, but I simply couldn’t because of fluid build-up (pretty much because I’m uncut). Bigger gave me so much time, this guy is a saint. I’ve sent him countless pictures and videos of my technique to see if we could improve something, without much success. I eventually surrendered. I haven’t hung for the last 6+ months, so I consider myself decon’ed.

I’ve been since trying on and off to find something that might help me get to 8” BPEL. I’m trying incremental pumping now (for length only), and I’m seriously looking to try vac hanging and go for lower weight but longer sets. In fact, I’m just trying to figure out which vac hanger to buy.
I’ve been told that since I hung past 25lbs, my penis is just too conditioned to make further gains without putting a tremendous amount of time/force. So I’ll try anyway :) I heard that Bigger’s LOT theory isn’t widely accepted here, so I might try other angles again with the vac hanger.

Well.. I wrote way more than I thought I would..

Hope this answers your questions. Cheers!

Hello all.
I am a hanging (and PE) newbie and this is my introduction post to this forum. I am glad to see an active thread about uncut hanging since I am uncut myself. I also have the additional hurdle of having what I believe is called a ‘hulk’: 2.75 inches flaccid and 7.0 inches BPEL. I’ve just completed two weeks of consistent BTC hanging with the BIB starter + theraband. I hang three 20min sets spaced out with 10min breaks. I started with 3lbs of weight, then increased to 4lbs after the first 7 days, then to 5 after another 7 days. I’ll stick with 5lbs for the next 14 days while I refine my technique. Apart from minor pain at the attachment points over the first week, which was to be expected, things have been pretty good up to now. I do have issues however.

Since it looks like uncut hangers crave more info I’ll add my own experience to the pot. First I read a lot before I started hanging and picked up on some common advice found everywhere I looked : wrap loose and hanger tight, attach low on the shaft for ligament work or high for skin work, be mindful of circulation, be patient and smart and so on. Getting educated is the definite first step.

For me hanging uncut seems to leave no wiggle room. Wrap and attachment need to be perfect, and perfect seems to be different each night. Sometimes a short tight-ish wrap is what works, sometime a looser and longer thera band get things done. In all cases the hanger has to be super tight. In fact hanger tightness has scaled with the attached weight, but right now I can bounce that 5lbs without issue.

The technique that works for me, speaking from atop my huge two weeks of experience, is wrapping with 1.5inch wide thera, no under-wrap, while completely flaccid with the skin in its natural position (meaning whole head covered). I start my wrap a half inch behind the coronal ridge and wrap almost to half an inch of the base. Then I clamp the hanger a quarter inch from the edge of the wrap. Before I tighten I use the hanger to pull the wrap and skin towards the base about a half inch and then I tighten. I then attach the weight, partially suspend it, tighten again, and release the weight. Everything moves down a bit and stabilizes. I get no head pressure and things generally feel pretty good. I’ve had nothing but instant slippage with under-wraps but as I understand it under-wrap is strictly a comfort factor so meh.

Right now I have two major concerns and maybe someone here can share some insight.
Concern #1 is about blood flow/safety. The BIBs are supposedly pretty good at not being a tourniquet but however careful I may be with attachment when I remove the hanger after a 20 min set I always feel like I am taking off a restriction. There is a feeling of coldness that appears when I remove the hanger and subsides in three seconds as flow is restored. The head is colder to the touch compared to the rest of my body but not ‘cold’ cold. The head is also slightly discoloured after 20 mins of hanging but gets back to nominal-pink within three seconds after removing the hanger. I keep sets at 20 or less, there is no numbness or loss of feeling to report (not even transient) and all other PIs are fine. How does this compare to your own experience ?

Concern #2 is a performance issue. The goal of BTC hanging is to stretch the suspensory ligaments. Right now when I hang BTC the skin at the base of the shaft on the top side is tight. Not hurting tight but tight. I fear I may be stressing the skin and only the skin. I know I’m not going to worry the ligs’ with only 5 lbs but right now I’m focusing on my technique and trying to reach the ligs’. My question is: have uncut hangers been able to hang while keeping the skin at the base of the shaft loose ? Or does the skin always take *some* stress. I’d like your input so I know what to strive for.

Thank you for reading !

Bigger says most successful uncut guys retract the foreskin. If you apply the hanger with the gland covered as you said, then the stretch lays mostly in the skin rather than the internals which actually where you want yo apply the stretch

When conguering a golddigger you need a large bank account, when conquering a dickdigger you need a large tool. When conquering a woman you need a minimum of three things: money, class and yes: dick size. Good news are, you can actually improve in all these three aspects.

I fail to see why hanging should be any harder if you’re uncut?

I’d rather say that learning good hanging technique is hard for EVERYONE, but then uncut males tend to for some reason blame their foreskin for their lack of success. I’m uncut and have hung weights as comfortable as hanging weights off your penis can be, but it took me quite some time to figure it out.

The key is to get the hanger to grasp your internals. First, you place your penis in your hanger and then starts tightening, but not ALL the way. Just enough that it’s somewhat smug. At this point you pulse push the hanger towards your head gently, such that you feel the shoulders are being formed. When you feel that this has happened and that the hanger is in a secure place, ONLY then, do you start tightening.

A problem many guys do is that they start tightening and go all the way from the start position. When they then attached the weights, the hanger WILL slide towards your head and cause you pain, since you didn’t form the shoulders and didn’t grap the internals. Only skin.

As for the BTC, I think cut guys will have the same challenge. You will need to stretch skin here regardless.

A final tip: Start hanging in the SO position. Here, skin isn’t a limiting factor so you will KNOW when you hang properly and grip the internals. Hanging in BTC you may very well end up not gripping the internals and then the hanger is simply gripping the skin. This was the case for me and I’m sure many others as well. When you’ve learned doing SO, then you can go over to BTC if you so desire.

Thank you for your replies quim92 and Renholder. I can confirm I was pulling skin. Nothing wrong with that as you say I will need to pull some but since I am getting to grips with the basics I felt it important to be able to target the ligs too. I’m not blaming the foreskin for my newbie difficulties, just saying it adds to the parameters I need to keep track of thus and maybe steepening the learning curve. Newbie troubles nonetheless.

For my last two sessions I’ve scaled the weight back down to 2.5 or 3.0 lbs and I’ve been fiddling and tweaking and re-wrapping and reattaching with the intent retaining some “slack” in the skin at the base of the shaft. I am making progress on that front. I’ve had at least 5 out of 6 sets where I could pinch a satisfactory amount of loose skin at the base and this was definitely not possible in the past two weeks. Much less of a burning sensation in the area as well but then again I’m hanging half the weight. I also uncover the head somewhat when wrapping to make more skin available at the base. Retracting the foreskin completely is not an option at this point: things move down when I apply the weight and they take some skin with them. Hanger, wrap and skin bunch up behind the head and I have to start over because it is unbearable.

With the revised setup I’ve noticed a more pronounced downwards travel of the rig compared to when I was pulling skin but not as bad as when I tried with the fully retracted foreskin. It does settle and does not want to slip off or fall but I am getting more pressure build-up in the head now. The plan for my next sessions is to stay at 2.5 and focus on attachment technique, as outlined by Renholder, with the main objectives being reduction of head pressure, better control of the attachment point and eliminating the downward settling of the hanger.

From what I saw a lot of guys seem to struggle at the beginning of their hanging career so I was not expecting to ace this on my first try. It is a bit disappointing to back the weight down but I need to do this right.
Thank you again for your input.

I got the bib starter but kept it hidden since I ain’t got privacy. I will try it out and comment with you. I will try both retracting and not retracting the foreskin.

Weezerd retracted the foreskin, he hung up to 25 lb and gained 3/8 inches in one year, it is important to mention he gained previously 1,5 inches manually.

Renholder you have hung like 10 kilos which is like 25 lb too, how much you gained and and for how long have you hung? All your gains came from hanging right?

When conguering a golddigger you need a large bank account, when conquering a dickdigger you need a large tool. When conquering a woman you need a minimum of three things: money, class and yes: dick size. Good news are, you can actually improve in all these three aspects.

I’ve been through a few more sessions and I’m still in experimental mode, with 3lbs.
Since I last posted progress has been made:
-I can now hang with loose skin at the base, or not, by varying the attachment point and method
-I can now hang with the foreskin retracted with relative comfort
-I perfected my wrapping skills and I am now somewhat faster at it
-I have slightly better grasp of ‘pulse-pushing’ and forming the shoulders and thus can now find a stable point to attach to more easily

As far as foreskin management I now pretty much follow Bib’s standard operating procedure of retracting, stretching and then wrapping 1.5 inch behind the coronal ridge. When I attach the hanger with only some slight tightening I can then move it, the wrap and the skin along the shaft by holding the head and stretching. This has proven useful to find the best spot to tighten at and to rotate the shaft in the hanger.

The biggest problem I have now is shaft rotation. However carefully I position everything, form the shoulders or how much I tighten the shaft will rotate left or right when I apply the weight. When I tighten I do feel the hanger grabbing onto both sides and anchoring in. That thing does NOT want to move forward. When I hang the weight things will stay put for about two seconds and the then shaft ‘snaps’ by 90 degrees left or right, underneath the skin (the wrap does not move), resulting in the hanger squeezing the top and bottom of the shaft instead of the sides. This problem does not seem uncommon as I have seen it mentioned a few times on various forums. I am trying what seems to be the most recommended fixes of sitting as low as possible in the shaft well, opening up the lower adjustments and making sure the bottom gap is larger than the top gap.

Over four days I’ve had two sets where things went well and rotation was limited to 45 degrees and seemed to happen mostly at the head. These sets were rather comfortable but did come with some head pressure I would attribute to the rotation effecting return circulation. Both of these sets were the first of three in their respective sessions. Sets #2 and #3 were all about rotation and frustration.

If anyone here has advice on how to combat this rotation business I would appreciate the input.
Thanks for reading !


If you’re wrapping is solid and stable, but NOT tight which is what you want, then you may have to adjust your bottom gap. Rotation PLAGUED me for almost 2 months but once I figured out how to wrap and adjust the gap properly it is no longer an issue. Also make sure you are taking time to attach the hanger. Tightening, waiting, tightening, then pulse pushing and tightening some more. It should take a few minutes. You may also need to tighten a little more after the weights have been attached for a minute.

If none of this works you may also want to try adding a little more WFG and then bringing your bottom gap out a little more.

Are you a member on bibs forum? He is extremely helpful. You can post pictures and he will give you some real good advice on what you may be doing wrong. If you don’t feel comfortable posting pictures you can also email them to him.

Hope this helps.


Thank you very much Jake.
It is heartening to hear the twisting can be conquered. I’ve scaled back my ambitions once again and what I currently do is sit down for an hour every night and wrap, attach, test for twist, sigh, remove everything and repeat. After an hour I move along and go do something else because I can only take so much frustration. I thought of posting on Bib’s forum for help but I feel like I need to get a better understanding of what I am doing before I take pictures and seek any specific instructions. The people here have been great guidance, too. I don’t think being in a rush to get it right would be productive so I’m going to go ahead with another week, or two, of wrapping and attachment experimentation and keeping an eye on this fine thread.

I tried too many things over the last few days to mention them all here but as hard numbers go does anyone have a ballpark recommendation on what WFG I should use as a starting point with the bib starter ?

The WFG is going be different for everyone. I am using a bib starter as well. Personally I am using 15” of t shirt material as an under wrap followed by app. 30” of theraband. With the underwrap I make larger spirals towards the base and with the theraband I make 2 passes and then start to spiral about 1/8 of an inch spirals down.

I do need to ad I am circumcised but as far as preventing twisting goes circumcised or not won’t make a difference, which is why I replied in the first place.

A good way to figure out a good bottom gap is to open your hex nuts up completely. After you have wrapped place the hanger where you feel it will be attached and and hold the hanger closed ( don’t actually close the hex nuts at this point) You will want the top teeth to be meshed somewhat and from top to bottom gap to be like /\ So the hanger would be gripping the top of the sides of your dick more than the bottom. Once you have done this you will visually be able to see where the bottom nuts should approximately be. You can then make minor adjustment as you go, but you’ll have a good starting point.

I’m sure the amount of wrap and the bottom gap is key in order to avoid twisting. Pulse pushing and forming those shoulders slowly is also important. When I was trying to figure it out I couldn’t focus on anything else through out the day. I was so frustrated that it was constantly on my mind. What could I do to make it work. I was just like you. I’d spend an hour or 2 just trying to get a set in. Now I am 3/4 of an inch gained and when I checked my stretched flaccid today it was .2 of an inch longer than the last time I checked, hopefully an indicator of gains to come.

The best advice I can give is to stick with it. When that light bulb goes off and you have a eureka moment you will glad you did. This forum and bibs are amazing. So great for information. Just keep reading/looking at pictures and trying different things to see what works and you’ll get there.


And remember. Bib is incredibly helpful. I imagine he has seen 1000s of pictures now of different guys and their techniques etc. He has unrivaled experience and knowledge of his product and he WANTS to help. If all else fails I suggest taking that route.


Hello forum people!

It has been many moons since I last reported here, I hope you are all well. Some of you will remember I was struggling with a twisting issue back in April. I believe I have figured out what is causing the twist. All I have at the moment is a theory but the evidence is mounting and this may prove to be useful information for others in the same situation. For now I believe it has nothing to do with being cut/uncut but penis morphology is definitely a suspect. Please see my previous posts in this thread for an exposition of the problem. TLDNR; penis shaft twists to the left or right when traction is applied even though the BIB starter keeps the skin steady.

Well I kept at it, for weeks without success. It was very frustrating but I was still motivated so when I did finally put the BIB starter away I started saving for a vachanger 3, which I have had for the last week. I’ve now logged 10 solid hours SD with the vachanger 3, at relatively low weights (3 or 5 lbs) and from the get go I noticed something pretty telling: my penis when hanging SD (and therefore BTC) is not primarily limited in its stretch by ligs or tunica but by a large dorsal blood vessel. This blood vessel is already a bulge on the surface when flaccid and very visible when erect from the base to about 1/3 of the shaft. Also it is not central on the shaft but slightly offset to the left. See where this is going ? Thats right: when stretched SD or BTC this blood vessel seems to have less ‘give’ than the rest of the structures so it is limiting the stretch, essentially for SD and BTC I’m pulling on this guy and he is on the surface of the dorsal region of the penis, offset to the left. No wonder everything twists if there is a pull on the CCs where the BIBs attach. The vac encircles the shaft so under strain the penis swivels around the pivot (blood vessel) but the integrity of the whole rig is not compromised. When hanging I can feel the blood vessel pulling down all the way in the lower pubic area.
I don’t know how much strain is required to motivate a blood vessel to elongate but for now 5 lbs is all I’m willing to risk. The plan is to stay low weight, put in the hours and go SD until I start feeling that the pull is on all the structures and not only that pesky blood vessel. Only then will I consider adding more weight. If I get curious enough I might take the BIB out of retirement and try a SU pull to see if there is still a twist. Pulling SU the blood vessel, being on top, should have a better chance of being relaxed.
Right now I’m loving the vachanger 3 and I believe I can finally start making progress in my PE journey. I might come back to the BIB one day if I ever end up with a monster unit requiring massive weight to work, who knows.
As always your thoughts, observations and personal insights are welcome and encouraged. I’m glad I can get this show underway.

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