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Unable to change weights


Originally Posted by twatteaser
Is there a magic percentile (%) of what weight you can hang at SD or SO that can be used without killing yourself at BTC? … but I thought most guys chase out BTC till there LOT goes down some.

I can hang 7.5 BTC. I am open for advice and/or suggestions. With a LOT of around 9:00 if you say BTC is the way to go for now, then I’ll certainly give it a try. Everything that has been told to me thus far has seemed to work.

Actually, I thought that if I hung enough SD that my skin would stretch a little more and make BTC a little less painful. The skin pull (pubic bone upwards) kills me at anything higher than 7.5. Just me theorizing and I may have it all wrong. I’ll let you more experienced hangers critique.

Thanks for the help!



As long as you are stretching skin, just go with the angle that is comfortable. Over time, weeks, you can slowly lower the angle of hang until you are at the true BTC angle. For now, SD is fine. Twat was probably not accounting for skin stretch.

It sounds as if you are doing it right. For prohibitive skin stretch, you either lower the weight, or raise the angle of hang.



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