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Type of Weights

I use 2 10kg dumbell sets with plate weights, I can even go up in steps of 0.5 lbs if I want to :)

Instead of a loading pin you can also get a strong cord and attach the ends to one plate weight. Then place all other weights over the cord and use a S-hook.

Originally posted by Bib

You mean one gallon of water is about 8 lbs. A liter is closer to two pounds.


Thanks for the correction. I got screwed up. I looked this up on the web but still made a mistake.

Anyway, I use a 2 liter bottle, so full of water that would weight 4 lbs. Wow, that high school math really comes in handy.

Originally posted by deeznuts

stevie, open those links in a new window, and delete the period at the end, and hit enter. Aw shoot, here ya go

Thanks deez, I can’t believe I missed that. :)

Originally posted by monkeybar

If you are looking for light weight, try these -

These are little heavier -

If you want heavier than that, the dumbell weight is only way to go.

Fantastic monkeybar!! This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks for the links! :up:

Sorry about that… Thank Deez!

No problem. I’m new, so that’s the only way I can contribute lol.

I use a gallon sized chlorox bottle filled with water. It weighs about 7 lbs. full. Can adjust by pouring out water. Will be looking for something heavier in the future possibly.

Later . . LS

I go to Sportmart and buy those barbell plates with the big holes in them so they look like steering wheels. They come only as small as 2 -1/2 lbs. however.

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Another answer might be a traction water weight bag from the medical supply store. I believe it holds 20 lbs. and the measurements of weight are printed on the side. Nice metal bar at top ideal for hanging S hook.

Good luck fellas…

Later . . LS

The traction water weight bag sounds interesting, Nostradomus. I’ll have to give it a try to see how it compares to plate weights. It’s all about finding your personal comfort level, and you can’t do that unless you try different options. Thanks for the info! :up:

Hello ya’ll, first time post , long time reader. I use diving weights, had two and five pound weights in my dive bag. I believe they come in a wide variety of size from one lb. and up. There plastic covered lead so they dont clank. Inserted a plastic pull ( like you would bundle cords with) that makes a loop and is what I use to attach to hanging device.

Welcome aboard, Hung Monkey!

Diving weights are a great idea. I like the fact that they’re covered with plastic to avoid clanking. I’ll have to go dig up my old diving equipment and see what I have. Great suggestion! :thumbs:

Size 12 sneaker and work boot full of change, and or nuts and bolts. It’s pretty easy to increase weight slowly you just empty your change into your shoe at night when you take your pants off.

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