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Twisting in Bib


Twisting in Bib

I just got my Starter a few days ago, and have been experimenting with various wraps and adjustments.

The main problem I’m having is the shaft twists in the hanger when weight is applied. The head twists to the left about 45 degrees, which isn’t good. Rarely it will twist to the right. Seems like my shaft is oval-shaped, and it is tough to keep the straight sides of the gripping area of the hanger balanced on the narrow ends of an oval.

I’ve been wrapping with theraband and/or sweatshirt material, and varying the bottom gap and toe. I’ve tried wrapping clockwise and counterclockwise, loose and tight. The direction of the wrap doesn’t seem to matter. The same thing happened when I used no wrap.

BTW, my erect girth is about 4.5”. I’ve tried bottom gap settings from about 1/8” between the nuts, on up to 1/2” or so, depending on wrap. I keep the bottom gap as wide as I can while not allowing the top teeth to completely close when tightened.

Tomorrow I’ll experiment more with position in the hanger as I attach it. So far, it seems that if I start with the shaft positioned slightly to the right, it will only go further to the right instead of correcting to center when weight is applied.

Has anyone here had a case of the twists? What did you do to resolve it? Any suggestions?

"Twistin' the night away"

If it’s at all erect I find it more likely to twist, so it’s much better to leave it for a few minutes after wrapping and before attaching to the hanger, and to pull my dick forward in the flaccid state while tightening the screws. (Also a good chance to press the blood out of the flaccid head to minimise blood blistering of the glans.)

It still occasionally moves a bit and I have to take it off and put it back on again. I’m using the larger style moulded plastic Bib.

I’ll leave it up to others—-Bib?? Lil One ? to comment on adjustment gaps, angles etc.

Hope this helps.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

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What position are you hanging? Have you tried compensating by attaching the hanger a little to the right?

lil1 :lep:

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Why is twisting a problem?

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Tom: Just to be sure we’re on the same page, I’m talking about twisting within the hanger, not the hanger and penis turning as a unit.

Twisting too far within the hanger when the hanger is close to or touching the head is bad because pressure gets applied on the top of the shaft, just behind the head. The nerves there should be avoided. I don’t mind if it is a little off center, but at 45 degrees the ridge of the “head seat” puts too much pressure on top.

Lil: I’ve been testing it out standing, sitting and BTC. I’ll try attaching a little to the right again today. When I did that before it would usually end up twisting more to the right instead of correcting to center. It is kind of like trying to clamp two spaghetti noodles side by side without them slipping over each other. Either side of the delicate balance point, and off it goes one direction or another.

P9: I noticed the twisting is worse the more erect I am when I attach the hanger. I’ll try to stay 100% flaccid and stretch my dick forward as I tighten.


There are a lot of things you can try. This has been discussed somewhat before, so do a search on PEforums and Thunders for twisting, and you should get some good threads also.

Usually, the hangers try to twist on penis’ where the bottom chamber is not very well developed. So, you might try doing a couple of Ulis before hanging. This is not usually recommended, but in your case, it might help. Don’t do enough to become sore, just enough to swell the bottom chamber some. Then after becoming flaccid again, try the hanging.

Also, make sure when you attach the hanger, you open it completely, and try to place the shaft low in the hanger. If the bottom adjustments are wide enough, and you place the shaft low enough in the shaft well, it should better accomodate an oval penis. It is a little tough with the Starter, but you can even put it in diagonally, with the shaft low and the head higher.

Try to ‘seat’ the hanger (front thumbs and shoulders) on the shaft behind the head. IOW, put the hanger on, tighten, and then slowly, manually apply outward pressure until the hanger does not move anymore, hopefully keeping the head straight. While keeping on the pressure, put on the weights.

Try some of this and let us know.


Oh, THAT twist

Actually I was just noticing this morning with the AFB how I thought I had it straight, but when I took it of it was at a 45 degree angle. Doesn’t seem to hurt anything even so, or make any real difference. But it also doesn’t hurt or anything.


Well, I tried everything suggested on this thread and more. Finally, I decided to proceed and readjust when my dick got too crooked in the hanger.

I don’t think it was due to the twist, but one hanging day my little guy went very numb after hanging just two 12 min. sets with 5 lbs. I had been using that and even slightly more weight for some time, even when using my homemade Bib. The numbness persisted for days and had me quite concerned. I took a week or ten days off and most of the feeling returned. I did some light manual exercises for a week or so, then tried hanging again using the Starter. Again my dick went numb as before, real numb — almost total loss of feeling. Not good. I don’t think the amount of weight is what caused it, but rather the location of the clamping force. The hanger wasn’t even extremely tight. My wrap didn’t constrict the head to act as a noose. I still don’t know what caused the sudden numbness on both occasions, but I speculate that it was a cumulative effect of mashing things that shouldn’t be mashed. Sensitivity gradually returned again with rest.

A couple days ago I made one of Tom’s AFB hangers out of some scrap wood. It works much better for me, with no twisting within the hanger. I think this is because I have the bottom snugged up, as Tom recommends, so the hanger forms a V shape. My oval-shaped penis can’t rotate much within such a configuration. |—| can slip to |/| or |\|, but --/ can’t twist very far in either direction. I’ve hung 5 lbs. for 15 minute sets, and even tried up to a little over 9 lbs. for short durations with no numbness.

I know the Starter works for many guys, but for now mine is on the shelf until I get more girth (no, it is not for sale). I plan to make an AFB out of electrical conduit so it can be submersed in water. I’ve been experimenting with warming up and stretching in a warm bathtub, and the AFB with a strip of Theraband tied to a rope looped under my foot might just be the ticket.

If twisting is an issue...

consider the nature of what you are doing when you apply the hanger. Your compressing your member which is not a perfect cylinder. Due to the structure of your penis, the CC are going to want to rotate somewhat due to the blood which is inside of them. One thing I found to be of help was to tighten the hanger very slowly. This helps the excess blood leave the area of compression slowly and evenly and eliminates alot of the tisting effect with the CC. You can’t expect those two chambers to compress or flatten out evenly at a fast pace if there is blood within them…they are going to want to “roll” or rotate around one another and take the rest of the structure (cock) with them to a certain degree. Especially considering that you are near the terminal point of the CC, if you doubt it take a finger on each side of you (erect) penis, push in slightly. Sooner or later, your dick will torque or rotate to one side or the other. At least mine does and I saw the same efect in a hanger that is tightened to soon at even minimal amount of blood holding. If you’ve taken the time to wrap, why rush the hanger application part? Take as minute or more in slow, incremental tightening adjustments to get the hanger set. Hell, you’ll be in the fucker for around twenty minutes and might as well be comfy. groa


I have the same problem trying to use a BibHanger as its too big for me. Not a problem with the bibStarter. From your latest post it looks to me like you need to reduce the gap in the bottom of the bibstarter. You may even need to take the adjustment nut out to get it closer.



I read an older post last night where you enunciated about 12 principles of growth and how the body reacts to stresses.

In there you mentioned that a twisting while hanging was bad because it increased pressure exponentially and led to shearing of tissues.

Do you need me to drum up the post or do you remember?


I am trying to start using my bibstarter to hang, but I seem to have the same problem that hobby reported on this thread, that is, twisting in the hanger probably due to my bottom chambers not being well developed.

Has anyone find a solution to this yet? Its been some time since the last post and I really would like to hear opinions on this. Take care.



Wrapping over the head is one way to combat twisting. There is more info here. Good luck, and let us know if it works for you or if you come up with another solution. I’m considering trying a thin layer of Silly Putty as an underwrap, the theory being that it may squish when the hanger is tightened to give support high and low on the sides of the shaft. Not sure if it will work.

I have had my BIB (full size) for a few weeks and have exactly the same difficulties as hobby. I have tried everything here and then some. Over the weekend, I found something that works for me - but I’m not sure if it is a good thing for actual stretching. I put the hanger as far up the shaft as I can, clamping it down right against my fat pad. And I use no wrap because I just can’t get it to work that way. It is fairly comfortable this way, and can hang a great deal of weight comfortably.

The question is, will I get an effective hang so close to the root? I imagine, since I have an 8:00 LOT that I can do lig hangs for now. But once I stretch them out, I can’t see how I can do much with the tunica like this. And am I really going to effectively stretch my ligs when it is such a short distance to their attachments from the hanger?

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>The question is, will I get an effective hang so close to the root? I imagine, since I have an 8:00 LOT that I can do lig hangs for now. But once I stretch them out, I can’t see how I can do much with the tunica like this. And am I really going to effectively stretch my ligs when it is such a short distance to their attachments from the hanger?<

You will probably only get a good skin stretch placing the hanger so close to the base.

We need to get you fixed with the twisting thing. First thing to do is learn to wrap for head and upper shaft expansion. This will help make your bottom chamber larger, which will help keep the hanger straight.

All you have to do is use Theraband, or some other comfortable elastic wrap, move down about an inch and one half, two inches from the coronal ridge, and wrap about two inches of shaft. Then, experiment with the wrap tightness until the head and upper shaft expand.

Try to stay wrapped like this for an hour or so, checking on the temp and color. Also, you may have to jelq some blood past the wrap to get things started. Then try to wrap and hang.

How do you have the hex nuts adjusted and what is your top gap? First you should try having an overly large bottom gap, and then an overly large top gap to see if the twisting persists. There are a million things to try. We simply need to go through things to find what works for you.


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