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Turtles are for the ocean, not my penis!

Turtles are for the ocean, not my penis!

Ok, so my normal hanging time is 5 lbs for 6 sets of 20 mins.

I have been hanging since feb 6th, with only a break of 3 days when i went out of town. When I came back I hung over a fulcrum for a week and got a whole different feeling of a stretch. It felt like it was really stretching my shaft, HOWEVER, after my sessions my unit was turtled for a while after. Sometimes it stayed turtled for a few days and that had me worried because my erections were getting weaker and my length seemed to be dropping a tiny tiny bit. I said screw it and went back to hanging btc this week because that is where I saw gains when i first began hanging.

Well anyways, I have noticed that yesterday that all I did was hang 3 sets and then I went out and partied and was not able to get the other 3 sets in. Well anyways at about 4 am this morning my unit was still turtled and hanging pretty infantile and also had a feeling of hardness to it. I am thinking WTF! How the hell is my unit turtled from only 3 sets of a weight that I have been hanging at for about a month with!..

BiB tells me that the turtling is normal and to hang on and keep creating deformation. Well I have no idea what to do because I remember when I used to over do my training as a newb with manuals, my penis used to react the same way by shrinking and becoming harder. So i figured I was one of the less is more people, but in reality i have no fucking idea. Man, I really hope someone like chrono.. I mean Equine Rooster or sparkyx or shunga.. or shit, anyone that has a good amount of understanding of what makes the unit grow or has sufficient hanging experience could give me there thoughts of what direction I need to take with my PE training.

It is really messing with my head because I dont know if I need to keep hanging even if I am getting these negative PI’s from the unit. I would like to point out that this morning I had a pretty damn good morning wood, which is rare for me these days.. Sooo maybe those 3 sets helped bring it back this morning. But once again no idea, and I dont know if that is what I should be doing. I just want to freaking grow already! I am determined to figure this crap out.

Thanks you guys!

By the way, I still have not done any work since my 3 sets yesterday and my unit is still hanging kind of small. This didnt really used to happen when i just used to jelq, so I dont know. Anyone?

Something must be going wrong. The weight seems to be too light to be the culprit. It could be the way you wrap or attach the hanger otherwise maybe slipping or twisting. I think you should pay more attention to what is happening with your hanger and penis during hanging. Then you might find what’s causing the negative PI’s.

Wrapping is spot on, I get a good pull in the unit and in the ligs, but I definitely get turtling, hardcore.

It was like at first when I was hanging it was fine, it would turtle and I would still kind of get morning woods, but now it reallly turtles and my woods suck and arent like what they used to be. According to the PI thread… every indicator I get is overtraining, but SUPPOSEDLY in the hanging world, all of these pi’s dont mean shit because everyone is like ” Yeah i lose my woods and i turtle hardcore, and its sore alot, and my eq sucks, but im growing!” Then you look at the people who do manuals and if they get any of these indicators they stop and take rest days (which you are not supposed to do in hanging) and then they get gains!

It doesn’t add up.

Originally Posted by budz
SUPPOSEDLY in the hanging world, all of these pi’s dont mean shit because everyone is like ” Yeah i lose my woods and i turtle hardcore, and its sore alot, and my eq sucks, but im growing!”

I have no idea where you get this from :shrug:

There are so many things that can go wrong with hanging but you’re not giving any usable information. You can’t expect us to find a solution when you’re not giving any clues of what might be going wrong. It’s like telling a doctor you’re sick over the phone and then bitch about hospitals.

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