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Tunica and Ligs

Tunica and Ligs

Do you have to stretch the tunica and ligs in the same day? or can you stretch the tunica for 2 days and then the ligs for 2 days..and if you have to do both everyday, is it ok to stretch an hour in the morning for ligs and an hour at night fro tunica?

el: 6.5in Long / 5in Wide bpel: 7.5in long Goal: 10in Long / 6in Wide

Hammer on one or the other according to your LOT. I don’t really think alternating them is going to be productive, maybe someone more knowledgeable will chime in. I work on ligs and refuse to let them take a break,but my tunica is taking stress to. I don’t care about my tunica right now. IMO,if you alternate you are giving you ligs time to recover and adapt to easily and not taking full advantage of kicking them when they are down,if you will. The ligs are going to strengthen and adapt to a specific weight anyhow,but I try to make this a slower process of constantly assaulting them while they are weakened.


C_Allen_Jones, when you say “I work on ligs and refuse to let them take a break”, what do you mean by not take a break? How many hours a day do you “hammer” your ligs? If someone did 2 hours of tunica hanging every day, after 2 hours of lig hanging earlier each day, why would this be giving the ligs a break just because the tunica is getting a share of the action each day?

If someone was sacrifising the amount of lig work each day inorder to make time for added tunica work, then I would agree with your statment.

However, if someone was already doing 2 hours lig hanging each day and decided to add tunica work ontop of the existing lig regime, adding to the 2 hours of daily PE to work the tunica, rather than subtracting time from the ligs’ 2 hour share to make time for tunica? Would the ligs be any less hammered, when the amount of time on ligs is the same, no matter what else you add?

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Well, I don’t know about everyone else but when I work my ligs,my tunica is stressed too. IF your LOT is 9:00 or so,I would spend all time on ligs(BTC,Etc.) until LOT went lower. What I mean by break is all my opinion,stating that hanging in the exhausted lig state(even at lower weight) will be more productive than waiting until the healing process completes. This is how I do things and it doesn’t mean they are right.

Basically, I would devote any time to hanging BTC IF your LOT permits,the gains will be easier IMO. From my experience splittng up the ligs and tunica isn’t really that black and white. Some positions will place greater load on one or the other,but I don’t believe the other is ever under 0%stress.

I was simply responding to the “Do I have to” part of Talian’s question. Thanks,Gottagrow for the response.

so if your lot is 6:00 you must hang ots

el: 6.5in Long / 5in Wide bpel: 7.5in long Goal: 10in Long / 6in Wide

Originally posted by Talian

so if your lot is 6:00 you must hang ots

Yes,that is what is suggested by most.


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