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Trying again

Trying again

About a year ago, I tried hanging with the Bib hanger for 6 months, 4 days a week, twice a day for about 20 minutes each session. Unfortunately, no growth. I started with 5lbs and worked up to 17lbs. I guess I need to work up do 4 sets a day. I have been working on girth. My penis is just under 7”, and I just want to gain an inch or slightly more. I would be pleased with 8”.

It could be that I did not attach the Bib correctly and stretched more skin than ligs. My skin did stretch and remains that way today.

In January, I am going to try to do at least 4 sets a day. Has anyone gained by doing just four sets a day of 20 minutes a set? I can only do four days a week because of privacy, and probably 5 days a week twice a month.

Thanks for info!

I was in your position about a year ago regarding the privacy. I actually did 4 sets a day for a few months and saw very little growth. My problem was that I needed more time spent in the hanger. Four sets a day was not enough for me; I needed around 6-8 sets per day to see some more visible signs of growth. What angles were you using during that time?

Straight down. How many minutes per session?

I did 20 minutes per set which is what you did before and what you should continue to do. Why not try another angle like BTC? I should have mentioned this in my last post but that angle was the one that gave me my first “explosion” in terms of gaining (I gained half an inch in a few months time; something that was basically non existent with SD). SD never did anything for me aside from giving my dick stretch marks. I am not trying to knock on SD hanging as there are those that have gained from that angle but from my personal experience (as well as others), that angle will really stretch the ligs. You should look into giving that angle a try for a few months and you should be fine even with only 4 days per week.

My problem is privacy. In caser some walked in, I hand it straight down on one side of my pants leg. I stand behind my desk prepared to say, please give me a moment, I am on the phone. I can’t remove pants etc….

Do ADS on the off days, then you’ll probably get some good growth. You’re not getting enough hang-time. You need at least 10 hours strapped in a week for decent results. that’s 30 sets per week, you’re only getting 8x sets a week. Roughly 1/3 of what you need to get good hanging results.

You said you have very little privacy—

Other than ADS, I don’t know what you can do—right now you’re getting too many rest days & not enough fatigue. You built up to 17lbs without gains—you’re clearly just building a tougher dick.

You’ll have to adjust your approach—I’m sure you know. Good luck figuring out what to do.


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