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Trouble Hanging Today

Trouble Hanging Today

So yesterday was my first day hanging and I did around an hour total with 2 sets SD and 1 set OTS (20 minute sets). But for some reason today it seems the skin is more pliable and I cant get a good grip on the inner penis. The skin seems to easily slide over the top of my glans (I am cut). Why is this happening? Could it be something to do with hanging SO or OTS that makes the skin slip more?

When you’re hanging at higher angles there’s more slack in your skin, hence it will look like it slides more. This also means that when your hanging SD you have plenty of skinstretch going. Because you’re cut it’s probably hard to avoid skin stretch and gaining some extra skin is probably a good thing.

To avoid the hanger from sliding off when using higher angles you will need to either attach the hanger lower and allow for skinstretching or tighten your hanger more which is probably the best solution.

I did 20 minutes OTS today after I made the previous post and when I was done my glans was really dark red. When I took off the hanger the top half of the glans remained dark red while the bottom half returned to normal, my glans wasnt that cold but I haven’t seen it so dark before. After about 10 minutes or so of jelqing it went back to normal color. I couldn’t really tell whether or not the glans was numb because I don’t know what that would feel like. Is this what’s supposed to happen? Do you think I am putting the hanger on up too high or not tight enough/too tight? Can I continue to hang in this manner without being in danger?

bump for input

Sounds like you’re not tightening your hanger enough rage.

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