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Tried pumping straight after hanging?


I just recently started both. It feels right but I have no results to give yet.

I asked about this at MoS, to no replies.

Bib discourages pumping, and indeed ALL girth work, while engaged in a hanging routine. He says to go for length first, then work on girth.

Is there anyone here who has evidence to support or contradict that?

It seems that there is a lot of crossover. By that I mean exercises aimed for girth do cause some length, and exercises aimed at length do cause some girth. Logic would suggest that targeting both length and gain would be okay. There are members here who only use the newbie routine (which focuses on both) exclusively and swear by it. They have reported gains.

Many expert pumpers have gained length from pumping along.

I think it has to do more with the size of the cylinder. A guy with 5” girth and uses 2” cylinder may likely to gain more girth than length. If he uses a tighter fit cylinder (1 3/4” tube), then his penis is likely to expand upward during pumping because there’s little room to growth width wise.

I am about 5” base girth and I use 1 3/4” cylinder. When I add pressure during pumping, my unit expands upward but very little width-wise. I purposely get a tighter fit cylinder because I want to gain length (and some girth).

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The practical argument is that if you pump and hang you will have to adjust your hanger all the time because of temporary girth gains and what not.

Also: If you have too much time: Hang more :D


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