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Travelling on planes to other countries with PE equipment


I was traveling thorugh a small airport in Maine where I stayed for a few days in the summer with my folks. I took my bib but got another weight source up there.

So, when traveling through, the airport does not have screening for checked bags, so you must stand there while a security guy goes through your bag. He went through and actually picked up my bib, before going on with his checking for bombs etc.

It was freaky, but long story short, he did not care, and just sent me through, no questions asked.

Security is only concerned with security for the jet and it’s passengers, and secondly customs is concerned with contraband, other than that they really don’t care.

I will tell all about my new life in Korea, but in a new thread.

But for any others who may travel and want to take their PE stuff, it isn’t as bad as I thought it might be, if or when they search your luggage you aren’t usually around where they do it. (Thus you shouldn’t have to answer embarrassing questions etc.)

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Just don’t put it in your hand luggage and you will be fine.


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