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Topic That I consider Hangers key to success

Topic That I consider Hangers key to success

Bib has posted a thread that is dealing with a topic that is likely the most important to understand for hangers. It would be of great value to any of interest to check it out and post some questions and provide some input. In reading it, I can say I understand the words and meaning but do not have a full grasp on it. I suspect many will feel the same. With others joining in on this topic, perhaps we can all gain the full grasp of this key to success.

Hope to see you there.


This is an excellent topic!

I believe that the reason some people don’t gain by hanging is because they never actually reach fatigue or tissue deformation. For whatever reason, they may reduce the weight at the onset of slight discomfort or discontinue their set. Or, they may never push towards fatigue at all. I’ve read some routines where the person always hangs the same weight for some specific amount of time and then expects gains. I believe that this may be because there is very little written as to what fatigue actually feels like. And, what is written contains vague terms like ‘soreness’ and ‘discomfort’. Hanging is an art. Everyone’s routines are going to be different as they monitor and ride fatigue, raising and lowering the weight as they go.

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