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Too good not to post



So you have gained almost an inch since when? June, July? That is really good.

Can you tell me what clicked about the wrapping?

If you would not mind, could you write your results in the “HANGERS GAIN, TIME, WEIGHT” thread in the progress reports section of the PEforums? Or whatever you can do would be great.

Any more info would help a lot.




I realized after I left that post that my gains would be confusing. I started on March 22 at 5.65 EBPL. I think I was at 6.15 when I received the production hanger. So I credit the gains from 6.15 to 6.5 from the production hanger.

As for how to wrap ‘clicking’ I was wrapping wrong. My first wrap was spiraling down immediately from the head. I was not wrapping perpendicular to the shaft on the first wrap. This was causing alot of pain and I could not take more than 10 to 12 minutes without there being to much pressure in the head. I didn’t know if this pain was just something I was not used to, but it didn’t seem right to me.

Your post on the PE Forum talked about wrapping perpendicular to the shaft. When I tried this it was much better and it seemed that the wrap itself was taking alot of the pressure instead of the head. The head still takes some but not nearly as much.

Now I hope I have the wrapping right. It seems to me that when I wrap perpendicular to the shaft on the first wrap and then spiral downward that the wrap ends up being less in width then the head. Hard to explain but when the hanger is attached the wrap moves forward but not over the head. Is this right?



That is correct. Also, it sounds as if the hanger is not quite tight enough. Also, try this: Put on the hanger, then pull out the head as far as possible. Then, tighten the hanger as much as you can. After you apply the weight, tighten a little more.



Sorry, I missed this yesterday about the ignore thing.

Ok, you fucked up. No big deal. It may take a little longer, but you got one hell of a fuck. So now what.

Well, the moving out of the bedroom will help you control yourself. If you want to be sucessful, no more sex until you have a talk. She has to initiate the talk because you refuse her. Then, you say the phrases.

She must know something is wrong beside thinking you are being a child?

Anyway, you got some attention, so you know it is effective. Now, you just need it permanent.


Well, in my case I have not posted much because for some reason I was not allowed to initiate threads. Now I am able to at least reply to them.

For a moment there I though that Bib had come back to say hi. I wonder how he’s doing. I hope well. We all owe a lot to him here.


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