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Tom Hubbard wants feedback on the incredibly cheap, simple hanger

Tom Hubbard wants feedback on the incredibly cheap, simple hanger

I am awed and inspired and excited and deeply grateful to Bigger for getting me back into hanging, and there’s some definite change going on. I’m not giving details until I have something decent to report ;-)

After a few nights of tossing and turning, and wondering why I could pull on my dick as hard as I wanted with two fingers and feel no pain, but any mechanical device seems to hurt like hell given half a chance, and having gone through about a dozen designs top to bottom in my head, I came up with an almost unbelievably simple weight hanger: cheap, comfortable, light, compact, easy to put on and take off, costs basically nothing, takes ten minutes to make, adjustable.

Use Weights For PE - 2001 Site - Tom Hubbard

Am I in dreamland or is this thing real? Would love others to make one and let me know how it works for you.

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This is a great idea… I decided to mess with it a bit tonite, i used rubber bands and markers. I can see the potential it just needs to be perfected. Thanks Hubbard.

Ok..I made 2 designs one made of a round cardboard material and rubber bands, worked ok…Then I made one out of wood with bolts and wing nuts for adjutments, I also used a hard foam for comfort. So far it is working pretty good and is comfortable however I just started hanging and am only starting with 2-1/2 lbs…will keep posting as I go up in weight…

Thankx Hubbard this looks promising

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