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To BIB :

To BIB :

Hmm , read your post but I am not sure if I understood it right …

My situation : I can hang 20 pounds for 45-60 minutes .
After the session I am well sore. (3 days on 1 off)
My Question : Should I hang for a longer time with lower weight , or is it O.K the way I do it ?

Thx in advance.


Well, it really depends on your stage of PE. If you have been hanging for a while, 20 lbs. might be fine.

With the reminder that you should start at low weight and increase slowly, this is how to do it:

Start with the max weight you can comfortably hang and which delivers the desired fatigue. Then, when that weight begins to get uncomfortable, reduce the poundage to a weight that is comfortable. This may be after 2 or 3 sets at max. Then you can continue hanging at the lower weight. When the weight gets to 1/2 of your max weight, an ADS or traction wrapping will probably do as much good as further hanging.

>My situation : I can hang 20 pounds for 45-60 minutes .
After the session I am well sore. (3 days on 1 off)<

Hopefully you are doing 20 minute sets. If you are very sore, you can reduce the weight, or you can go directly to an ADS or traction wrapping.


Well , as you might know , I had a lot of problems attaching the hanger comfortably . I tried this for weeks. Now I found a way to do it.
my program:
I started with 10 lbs what was comfortable , did that only for 4 days , and a week ago I finally went up to 20 lbs .
I hang the 20 lbs for 30 minutes , do a 5 minute break , and then again for 15 minutes. After that as I said I am sore.

What I didn`t understand is that you say
> one should hang comfortably with weight which delivers the desired fatigue. <
This applies to me.

But I remember somehow that one should start slow and later went up with the weight , because , if you start with heavy weight your member will adapt to it more fast and become stronger and as a result you would have to use even more weight to get lenght gains.

I am a bit confused . What of is right now ?

Thx for ya help , man.

Basic philosophy..

…is to start hanging with low max. weight and increase the max weight over weeks or months.

But start the session with the current max and reduce as fatigue sets in.

ie. if your max is currently 5lbs you start each session with 5 lbs and perhaps finish with 2lbs.

After a month or two you will have worked up to 10 lbs max, thus starting each session with 10 lbs and reducing to finish with perhaps 5.

Do not increase your max weight in large jumps as your penis will need time to adjust, as well as learning how to wrap better, positioning of hanger etc.


Yeah , but my “problem” IS just that my current max is 20 lbs , although I only did a few days with lower weigth.

I thought the goal is to increase the weight so that at the end of the session my member is fatigued. And with 20 lbs I AM fatigued.

So should I go down with the weight olthough I can hang more and it could be that I am not fatigued when I use less weight ??

( sorry, if I am too stupid to understand that … ;=) )

What do you call ‘fatigued’?


Doesn´t that mean something like sore or tired ? :=P

Hi there!

OK, if I understood correctly your question, here’s my answer (althought I’m not even near as experienced as Guiri our Bib):

Your max weight is 20lbs. You hang for 30 minutes, rest, and hang for 15 minutes. Sorreness sets in. If you want to make more progress (if you have the time for it), then you should do another set of 15-20 minutes with less weight, for example, 15-18 lbs. This way you’ll get even more sore. And the more sets the more soreness sets in, although you should never beat up your dick that much.

Now, if you only have time to do this 2 sets per day / session, than I think you could hang more weight next time (1-2 lbs more) so that the soreness kicks in earlier, and you probably can do a drop set for your next set of the day / session.

Ok, this is my view… and I could be totally wrong with this so I would like others (specially the Grand Master Bib) to chime in and let me / us know if what I said is right or totally wrong :)

Hope this helps!



O.K , I `ll trie what you said .

Thx for now for ya help.

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