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To BiB + Tom (H), status of hanging device evolution?


hmmmmmmm looking at my weight bench , i seen these really thick foam pads(4” thick) on the end with a a hole in the middle for the bar to go in , i wonder if you cut one down the middle , put it on lace around it and hang weight somehow! anyone try something like this? if i wasnt happy with my tracman i mite have given it a try, but since i dont know wear to get a replacement sleave i dont want to do it!


weight vs time

Tom —

I have no idea how much weight is required to make my dick longer. A month ago I was using 17.5 to 22.5 as my training zone with an ocasional 25 pd set for a greater stretch. Then Bigger mentioned he tested the hanger at significantly greater weight.

This couple with the thought that if I don’t have the time then the intensity i.e. weight has to increase. As you know growing your penis longer using any method of hanging generally occurs while training in a fatigued state. So if you don’t have alot of time in order to reach this point the weight probably needs to increase right.

I’d be happy hanging 15 pounds too , but will this make my dick bigger? As strange as this may sound my ligs and penis handle this weight and as long as the wrap is OK it’s no big deal.

Once I knew it was doable; that Bigger had been there it became academic and with caution and common sense that’s it.

As a matter of information the Bib hanger accomendates this weight with no problem. If your conditioned to handle the weight then it all boils down to the comfort of the wrap. An as the weight increases this becomes more of an issue.

As far as me inspiring you, IMO you are the most inspired guy on this whole forum and that’s saying something considering your time and efforts to date.


you’ll note that I’ve change the AFB design as a result of your comments - completely flattened PVC was actually my original (and much simpler) design. It does seem to be more comfortable.


don’t know if you’re following the Circle device thread (could probably look and see, but am too lazy), and I just don’t have the temerity to immerse myself in the arcane technical discussions of ligaments, tunica, yadda yadda, so I don’t know the status of the time vs weight arguments.

Could a pound or two for eight hours have the same effect as 20 pounds for six ten-minute sessions? If you can give me insight in 25 words or less, please do.

Glad to have inspired….


I’ll take a look. (I suppose you’ve updated your site?) I’ve been away a while due to personal reasons and I’m afraid I won’t be visiting frequently for the next couple of weeks, but fear not, I’ll be back… ;)



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