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To all the hangers in the house .

To all the hangers in the house .

Hey guys—first post. First, I want to say thanks to Thunder and all the others who made this site happen. I, for one, really appreciate it.

I read through many of the posts and have started a hanging routine. I’ve been at it since April and have made some gains. I do have two questions, though, and would appreciate any feed back.

1) Is it safe—not to mention effective—to hang every day? I’ve read many conflicting posts on this. Some guys go two days on, one day off; others one day on, three days off; one guy only takes a couple days off per month. As with many aspects of PE I’m sure part of the answer rests with the individual hanger and how his body responds. But still, there has to be a general area in which some basic guidelines apply to all. For instance, in weight lifting it is not a good idea to work the same muscle group on consecutive days because the muscles need time to repair and rebuild; this applies to all weight lifters. Can a similar statement be made about hanging? I’m interested in both A) the safety aspect—I don’t want to cause any damage—and also B) the effectiveness aspect—that is, what for some of you have been the days on/days off ratio that have yielded the best gains?

2) What’s up with “turtling”?? Funny name, accurate description. Recently, I went from hanging 10lbs to 15lbs, and while the first couple of days after that I was hanging loose at about 5/6 inches, just the past couple days my loose dick has been retracting—turtling—to about 3 inches loose. Not only does it feel uncomfortable but it’s not exactly the look I’m going for … Seriously, what’s going on??

I’d really appreciate any responses, especially from some of the veterans who’ve dealt with these issues. Thanks!

I am relarively new to hanging myself, but, from what I have read and from myn own experience I believe it is best to hang every day. With jelqing it seems rest days are a good idea bu with hanging gains are made from micro tears and when you rest these are given time to heal which is not something you want to happen. The more you hang the more you will realise that you will know if your penis needs a day off. I think I read Bib used to hang through the week and have the weekend off and he got something like a 4 inch gain.

Hang the least amount of weight to get to fatigue doing 3 sets of 20 min per set. You can do this everyday even if you have to drop down in weight through sets. The trick is the fatigue feeling and time. Remember you will have to stretch the skin before you feel it in the ligs.

And yes this is safe in my option and the best way to get length!

Good Luck

Hi, Holmesson!

I am also relatively new in the hanging business (only 3 months), but I know that hanging can be dangerous especially if you go up too quick in weight. You have to be cautious not to over do it especially in the beginning of you career as hanger. The turtling effect occurs by me only when I overdo it.

So read, read, read as much as you can about hanging on this forum. It helps a lot!

Hanging does require consistency and a disciplined technique. It should be done on a daily basis with the 2 to 3 sets of 12 to 15 minute duration, sometimes twice a day is a good practice. It is not necessary to over-do it with many sets. Fatigue takes place after a few sets and that is all that is required. Taking off one or two days a week is a good practice to restore complete health.

You create trauma to the physiology and the body wants to heal and protect what is being damaged. Your penis will “turtle” as a result of excessive force being thrust upon it; this is only nature and healing taking place. Obviously, the ego takes a blow when your penis goes into “schrivel mode” to protect itself, this is not something to fear. You do not have to theraband the little guy to keep him from hiding, if you want some relief you can apply a warm compress.

Hanging will help your “inner penis” to extend under your improving erectile circulatory mechanism. It is somewhat comparable to orthodontic work on the mouth only in reverse. A high level of stress is applied to move the teeth an infintismal amount over a long period of time (one to two years). When the stress is applied your mouth is very sore and cannot perform its usual assignments until health and strength is restored. Hot soup is usually a good therapy under these conditions, so after hanging have a cup of Campbell’s; it does a body good. Hang long, hang tough.

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Hey guys—thanks to all for the responses. And thanks Shilow for the reassurances on “turtling”—glad to know it’s not a permanent thing (and what a bummer if it were … I felt like George Costanza after he went swimming and the woman saw him changing out of his trunks). In fact, when I hung yesterday I went back to 10lbs (from 15lbs) and afterward everything seemed to be close (but not quite) back to normal. And so I think Juri is right on when he says turtling may be a sign from the body that we’re overdoing it. Would other people agree? (I guess the flipside hypothesis would be that turtling is actually a good sign—as it shows that the ligs and penis overall have been excessively fatigued, which is a sign of hanging progress, and that I just need to be patient and the gains will come. Nevertheless, my gut sense is that Juri’s take is the right one, and so I’ve decided to stick with 10lbs for a couple more weeks, after which I’ll try 15 again.)

As for rest time, the consensus seems to be that a couple days off per week might be beneficial in terms of optimal gains. (Which is precisely what they say to do in the newbie routine …) That said, I did find a very interesting thread—Punctuated PE Theory—which on the whole seems to make a very good case for taking extended time off. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out. And to those who did read it, what were your thoughts? Have you tried out an extended break—say, a month? I’m thinking I might try it in a month or two. A lot of the guys mentioned that following the time off, just after they resumed hanging, that they experienced pretty good gains. It might be that an optimal routine might be something like: two/three days on, one day off (or five days on, two off) for, say, three months, followed by one month off. Just a thought.

You want to feel the physiology elongating or “a good stretch,” when you exceed the weight you are capable of you will feel a shortening or tightening of the ligatures. This is the wrong approach since you are causing a contraction of the ligatures, they are going into survival mode for fear of falling off. Never exceed the ligatures capacity, as you overcome the stresses of an amount of weight you will know when it is time to add more poundage. Do not try to rush the appendage’s capacity. Sometimes in our zeal to experience gains we move forward too fast, it is never a mistake to stay at a lower resistance. The contrary, however, can be a grave mistake.

Banned for posting bullshit again - previously Salvo

Perhaps move up to 12.5 pounds instead of 15 for your next step.


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