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tissue death

tissue death

I have been hanging for roughly 2 months now and am now hanging 10lbs. I have gained about 1/4 of an inch in erect length and although I have not measured flaccid length I know that I have never hung this low. I have used the AFB (Tom Hubbard) hanger because I had all the supplies lying around my home. I have had very few problems with it but am looking into making a Bib hanger in the near future for comparison sake.

Today, for the first time, I noticed a very slight purplish discoloration at the tip of my head, about the size of a dime. Being my off day (I have a 2 day on - 1 day off program consisting of 1) 5 minute hotwrap 2) 20 minutes hangtime 3) 10 minutes to restore circulation/pc flex’s 4) 20 minutes hangtime and 5) 20-30 minute jelq 6) 5 minute hotwrap) I thought to myself that, since this is the first time I have noticed this, it must be a result of 2 days of subsequent hanging and jelqing (the latter which I added to my routine only at the beginning of this week).

Now, upon second inspection, the discolouration has disappeared. I just wanted to get some of your opinions on what may have caused this. I think the biggest problem may have been a result of attaching the hanger too close to the head, causing it to become dark during hanging. I ignored the fact that the head was a darker colour and continued to hang. In retrospect it was probably a bad idea but at the time I saw no problem because I could quickly restore colour (in a matter of seconds) after detaching the hanger.

Tomarrow I will begin attaching the hanger higher up on the shaft (about midway). I have tried this before but felt that I was getting a better stretch if I attached the hanger closer to the head (despite the slight discolouration).

All that said I would like your opinions on whether or not I may have caused any permanent tissue damage.

Strength and Honour


>Now, upon second inspection, the discolouration has disappeared. I just wanted to get some of your opinions on what may have caused this.<

It is a result of increased blood pressure forcing tiny amounts of blood into the lower skin layers. Not a problem, even on a regular basis, and normal to hanging, at least in the beginning. As you become stronger, the discoloration should be reduced. The tissues actually seem to condition themselves to fight the extra pressure.

>All that said I would like your opinions on whether or not I may have caused any permanent tissue damage. <

Nope. If a little discoloration were a tissue problem, my dick (and many others) would have fallen off a long time ago. Since your discoloration disappeared so quickly, you did not have a really high amount of blood pressure.

If this bothers you, then you can either reduce the amount of weight, thereby reducing the blood pressure, or reduce the length of your sets from twenty minutes to maybe ten minute sets. The length of a set determines how far the blood is forced into the outer tissues. Also, your hanger may not allow for sufficient return blood flow thereby lowering the blood pressure at the tip.


thank you

That is good to hear. As long as no harm is being done I will be able to sleep easier. I appreciate the help.

Strength and Honour

the discoloration is not from hanging. Its from jelqing.

At the beginning of my “PE career” I used to jelq daily, a lot (30 minutes minimum).

Every day I would have the same thing happen. End of penis purple, with a pink (normal color) rim around it that included the rim or corona of my glans (penis head).

I also later realized is that for me, which may extend to most if not all people, is that if I did enough “damage” in one day—-measured by having a purple head or not, I would actually not gain length. I believe what happened is that TOO MUCH tissue damage/blood not in right place, caused more of an immune reaction, and I was unable to grow.

On days where I “took it easy” = 5 to 10min (10 minutes maximum), I would have no purple head, everything pink like normal, and I GAINED!!

The only thing that happened during my “too much jelqing” days was that veins got big, and I got new veins.

Physiologically your body creates veins (and arteries) where it needs them. Too much edema (fluid (blood plasma) out of its normal spot (in blood vessels) (PURPLE HEAD) caused my body to create larger veins to take back blood better from my penis because edema is a sign that there is not enough veins draining a particular region of the body.

Dont do more than 10 min of jelqing per day
But I may suggest like a 6 on, 1 off routine for jelqing.

Good luck

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