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Tingling sensation.

Tingling sensation.

Good day to you all.

Question. This morning whilst hanging, (10lbs with a Bib hanger, & infra-red light on it, warmed it up first as usual) I was experiencing a tingling sensation in my glans. Quite unpleasant, & also had to tighten the hanger more than usual to prevent it slipping.

Two days ago, I hung the same for 2 x 20min sessions & barely noticed it was there. So, (probably foolishly) I added another 5lbs, which didn’t feel to bad, but removed it anyway after 5mins.

Even though yesterday was a days rest, today I was struggling, maybe the 5 minute ‘shock’ was too much & it’s still recovering? As I said, it didn’t feel that uncomfortable! Any ideas? Has anyone else ever had a tingling sensation?

Rest. Heal.

5 lbs is a big jump.

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I have experienced tingling sensation too. It is unpleasant and it’s unknown why and where it comes from.

Even if your glans may appear normal doesn’t mean circulation isn’t being cut off. Tingling=oxygen starvation. ST try different angles and swinging the weight gently. There are lots of ways to induce fatigue and make your present hanger weight work for you.

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I get a lot of tingling sensation when there’s lymph buildup in the glans and foreskin. Does it look puffy and fluid-filled?

The 20 minute recommended set time isn’t arbitrary. It’s OK to cut circulation for that long (even though the bib doesn’t cut circulation 100%) as long as you restore bloodflow during your rest time between sets. (I rest for 8 minutes and jelq lightly and slap my penis on my leg)

My other 2 cents on your post:

Infra-red - sweet. Theoretically heat makes it easier to deform tissue. I haven’t seen any data on hanging gains by guys using heat vs not using heat, however.

Tight hanger - good. Tighten it as much as possible always. If it’s loose you’re pulling more skin with that 10lbs instead of the inner structures you’re targeting. Or, if you want to target skin (because it can be a limiting factor just like ligs or tunica), keep the hanger tight, just move the attachment point farther away from the head and closer to the base.

5lb jump - are you nuts? You’re only supposed to go up 1 lb a week. Very gradually. The skin needs time to adapt. Even at that gradual rate, you’ll reach a point with weight that you know you’re supposed to be at, because you’ll feel fatigue in the first set or two. Fatigue in the first or second set. That’s your ideal weight.

Rest day - Why? Even if you have zero time, try to get in at least 1 set. It’ll keep the ligs deforming like you want them to.


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Thanks for your input guys.

I know I was ‘daft’ jumping 5lbs, it was more curiosity than anything.

Hopeful2hanglow, I do swing it around in circles, side to side, back & forth. Feels nice in a twisted way! Have also ‘spun’ the barbell weight so it twists my dick a little. (Not excessively)

Lostracco. The only time I get fluid build up, is when I use a pump, but that doesn’t last more than an hour or two after.

I think heat is absolutely critical, especially when you’ve got a stubborn bitch like mine! You’d never see an athlete do the 100 metres, or the high jump etc. Without warming up & stretching.

Even when I’m not PE’ing, I sit at this pc with the lamp on for 1/2hr - 1hr, they’re used in hospitals for their healing properties. Invest in one guys! They kick out a lot of heat, so be careful!

Good luck to you all.

I got the tingling sensation again today, but found that if you massage the glans whilst hanging, the tingling stops! Sorted!

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