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tingling in tool...Yikes

tingling in tool...Yikes

Hey guys

New member here. I’ve been reading the post here for a while and thought I’d jump on in. So you’ll know, i’ve been PE’ing some some time now using the ole Grip and their all day leg stretcher. Last year I went for 8 months solid. Around the 3 month mark I got those extremly loose ligs that people talk about but never actually gained any real length to brag about. At that time I hung 6-8 lbs, 3 on- 1 off. I noticed at an early point 2-3 months, that I had a weird tingling going on in my tool so I stopped for about a week and all returned to normal. So now I’m at it again, hoping to get some real results this time. Now it’s happening again. Just wondering if anyone else has had this, what might be causing it?
I’m hanging BTC and all different angles now which I never did before. That’s because I read what Bib said on his site about different angles and it made a lot of since to me after reading it.
Maybe it’s growing pains like another poster mentioned. I really hate to stop again, my ligs are looseing up nicely after only 3 weeks steady going. I’m thinking about getting a bib hanger after reading Bib’s web site and guidelines. Can’t aford it right now though, but seriously considering it.
Apprediate any thoughts or advice.
Also, glad to be a member of this fine forum.




If the sensation is kinda like an electric tingling you have entered the growth zone. This should be a good thing.

However perhaps some of the other vet’s might want to share here.

Is the sensation at the base, sides ,entire penis? From my experience the base and sides usual tingle during an expansion mode.

One time I did some very heavy Uli hangs and my dick head tingled for 3 days.

tingling in head

Hey Zep,

Well, now that you mention it setting here at my computer I definately now know it’s tingling in the head only, no where else.
Wow, i’m glad to hear I might be growing!!! I have been at it pretty hard lately. Here’s what I’m doing and I would appreciate your’s and others feedback.

Just to mention this. I took my PE to the next level and built a PE workout station as I like to call it, (wish I had a dig camara I’d show you a pic) so I could get the full workout at one location ie, hanging— 8 lbs- so, 5 lbs-btc, otl- both right and left and ots. I was wondering if the tingling had something to do with using the grip since it hangs mainly from the head, but maybe not since you have experienced this also. And yes, it does feel like an electric tingling.

Here’s my routine:
AM: 30 min session, 5 min- so, 5 min-btc, 5 min-otl, etc. for a 30 min hanging session.
Today I read Bib’s advice @ the Divide and Conqure thread and have decided that 5 mim is clearly not enough. I will up each angle to 10 full min to help fatique all the ligs and attachment points- ie, below the penis in groin area.

All day leg stretcher— 1 hour on -1 hour off, total=5-6 yours p/d.
PM- repeat Am session. Then do night time tuck- place little buddy between legs and stretch downward to stretch ligs- 10- 20 min. Has always worked great for me!

Can you tell me this. How exactly do you know that you have fatiqued the tissues to total fatiqued state after hanging? Is it by the way it hangs after a good stretch? It may be much different using the Bibhanger than the Grip, it’s just hard to tell about fatique with it. But I’ve noticed by doing the different angles now, that my flaccid hang is getting a bit longer than it did last year at this point.

Also, does the penis ever stop retracting inward toward the body at some point? I’ve never figured why it does that. Maybe it’s adefence mechanism, But I wish someone could let me know why and if it will change as I increase in length. I’m only after erect length.

Thanks for your reply and help on this.




I’m rushing a little here but tingling in the head means possibliy to much pressure in that area.

Very important make sure and squeeze all the blood out of the head before starting to hang. Too much pressure over time will create a problem for you.

More later but watch this very closely it’s not a good thing if you over do it, and if you are new you may not know your over doing it.

Welcome aboard

Hey ineed9,

Welcome aboard!!! Great first posts.

On this tingling thing, if the tingling is only in the head of your penis, I would be inclined to think it was poor circulation or a nerve acting up. If the tingling was behind the point of contact with the hanger, then it could be a sign of fatigue/potential growth. But your head is not being put under traction by the hanger, only compression from the sounds of it. I would be very careful and maybe reevaluate this tingling if I were you.

Not trying to scare the crap out of you or discourage you in any way, just trying to get you to pay close attention to what is actually happening.

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Both Thunder and I had the same concern after reading your post .

Unfortunately I’ve never used the Grip however I will say this, The tingling related to increased length should be mostly at the base on top and at the sides. In regards to the fatigue issue this may feel like a little discomfort or could be tender to the touch in the area where the penis meets the body.

When I had the tingling sensation in the head region it was because I was forcing too much blood into the head. The tingling was a result of this engourgement. The problem I ran into was the pressure became to great and caused a few drops of blood out of the pee hole.

In over two years of PE this was the only setback I’ve had. I feel that the fine line between effective growth and injury from this activity is to narrow to try without a ton of experience.

Be careful here again not trying to freak you out just make you aware of things.

Sounds like your PE station is PRIMO.

Keep us posted OK.

Hi guys

Thanks for straightening me out in terms of too much blood in the head (engorment). Since first using the grip I noticed that in order to keep it on securly I would first need to jelk and bulk up my tool. I just got into the habit of doing that first before a hanging session.

But now I think I see what you mean, too much blood in the head maybe causing to much pressure. Also, last year during my 8 months @ PE I never hung at different angles either. I’ve only started btc, ots, otl hanging until now. I was inspired by Bib’s and others post on this forum.

The only thing I can figure is that when I hang btc’s, some time there’s a little pain along the top of my tool when it takes the weight and pulls downward. I think it maybe stressing the dorsal nerve to much that runs along the top on the penis (but not sure).

The thing is, that’s where I get the best sup-lig stertch. I maybe
using to much weight for now and will back off a lb or two. I will take it slower since it seems I’ll need to get use these new angles.

I noticed the tingling is still there today. maybe I need to take a day off for some R&R. I was wondering, do you guys use
Bib’s hanger? I’m thinking that with using the Bibhanger I wouldn’t need to milk first before hanging. Which just might help or solve this problem.

Funny thing is, I’ve never had this tingling problem much in the past. I will take your advice seriously!!

Thanks for the replys. Glad to be aboard!


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