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Time w/ weight loads.

Time w/ weight loads.

Hello all,

I was just wondering from all you hanging vets and others… long have most of you hung at a certain load before you felt it was time to add more? I hung 5 lbs for less than a week and just went up to 7.5 today. Are most of you sore after session or just during but at a bearable level. I have a strange reaction to pain….the threshold is pretty high.


It’s an individual thing although I’m a little concerned about your high pain threashold - sounds like an accident waiting to happen!;) Generally speaking you only move up when you are not experiencing gains - this will be different for everyone. During my first few months of hanging I moved up from 1 - 10lbs. Then to 12.5 and now I’m on 15lbs and although I’ve been there for a couple of months I’ll probably remain there for a while longer because I’m still seeing gains. IMO the trick is to get the most gains out of the lowest weights. Exploit the positions fully - BTC is the toughest and reputedly the most beneficial. I wouldn’t even consider moving up in weight until I could hang BTC only at that weight for atleast 1 session AM and 1 session PM. If you’re still seeing gains, why move up - it’s not a weight lifting competition! As long as you are getting fatigued during your sessions then the weight is right - pain is not the objective! I rarely have any pain or even discomfort after a good session. Hope this helps.

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I just started hanging and wonder how long one would go without gains (1week - 3months) to be considered a hanging plateau.

weight increase

Hey there no longer a lil one (lol),

That was my point exactly. I was hanging 5lbs BTC w/ absolutely no problems at all. I’m sure I was getting a strech but wasn’t feelling fatigued at all. This morning, let me tell you…..I could feel the strech and almost didn’t make it through the last 20 min. set. I’ve been pumping off and on as well as various other body modifications for well over the last decade and am returning from a long break from every thing, guess my body is still conditioned to these things. Has any one else started w 7.5lbs right off the bat?


I have. I’m in my second week of consistent hanging and hang 10lbs. . I felt no stress at 5 or 7.5 and was hanging BTC. I can not hang 10lbs BTC, but I know I’m working, after my first day with 10lbs the base pubic bone area felt stressed (not really sore, I’m guess this was the fatigued state everyone talks about?) when I was done. The next day I did the 10lbs for the first set & started my second & had to drop down to five (which I did BTC) after about 5mins. I took today off, not from pain or stress just sleep in. I would have like to have started seeing/feeling results at a lighter weight, but felt nothing and I will stay at 10lbs as long as possible.

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