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Where is the new AFB ?

Sorry TOM but I can’t find the new AFB with your link ?

Please give me one pic or good Link ?

For TOM !

Just a question for TOM !

What is better for grip and comfort : build hanger with 2 piece of tube or with flat piece , what is the best tube or flat ? (Just for more grip and comfort (not hurting head) ?

I have tried both, and I prefer the flattened design for heavier weight. I find the tubes work well with lighter weight (under 10 lbs / 4-5 kg).

For comfort, you can always make your wrap thicker. No device will be very comfortable unless you wrap first.

The designs are cheap and easy to make - no reason not to try both and see which works best for you.

Thank for the answer ,
I think the flatten form have more press area so make usefull for heavy weight .
But I think more the press area is large (like the flatten) and more shaft area is fixed by it (so this area can’t be stretch like the other !) , conclusion : there is less tunica area stretch by a flatten form then a tube form . It is the same thing with the new BIB hanger starter , I have build the same and I feel less stress on shaft with same weight when I hang with it ! ‘cause the hanger “fix” too much shaft area !
But I will buid a flatten form AFB for try it !What is the general dimension for the flat piece ?

I have problem with wrapping for AFB , how many layers you use for wrapp , What sort of type of materiel for them( latex , soft cloth …)
Do you tighten it ?
In one question , how do you proced for wrapping well ?(any tips …?)

flatten pvc

You can put pvc pipe or conduit(electrical) in your oven and heat it up to approx,300 -350 degrees F. and do what you want to it. Flatten it and then dip or pour water over, etc. to cool. In electrical work, we heat it up, bend it, and hold the bend, offset, or whatever we want to get, and then hold it with welding gloves on, and cool it with water. The bends are permanent then.


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