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Time to hang

Time to hang

Well I finally got all the pieces to make the Captn’s Wench and just moments away from hanging. I haven’t built it yet but I read over it and looks simple. One thing that I was questioning is that finding your LOT to see what angle to hang important? Just curious before I actually go for the plunge into the world of hanging. Thanks all.

If you’re asking whether LOT is important, I’d say “not really.” I would suggest hanging with whatever angle you find most convenient. If, after a couple of months, that angle hasn’t yielded any gains, then try another angle. And so forth.

I mostly agree. My advice is to work the lower angles first. You might have to stretch some skin before you can hang BTC without skin being in the way. But spend some time focusing on your ligs.

I, like hobby, think that lower angles are best to begin with. The most important thing, however, by far, is to make sure that you can stick consistently to your routine. That’s why I think convenience can be paramount. If it’s possible for you to conveniently BTC, though, I think that’s the most productive hang for most beginners. (Skin stretch hurts like hell though!)

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