Tight ligs, or just out of shape?

Hey fellas… I don’t post in here much since 1) I don’t hang; and 2) I haven’t been active in PE for a long time. Maybe this is a newbie-ish question.

I just started back on PE a few days ago, basically stretching whenever I get an oppurtune time, and dry jelq and clamping + stretching when I have some privacy at home.

This morning after my shower I was doing some stretching. After some V-stretches I did a few reps of BTC’s switching between hands. I do this standing with one of my feet raised and resting flat on a higher surface (like in the video tutorial, if you’re having a hard time getting a visual). With my leg still in the same position I then pulled it to the side and out… basically so that my stretched Willie was perpendicular to the leg that was elevated. That motion created a lot of tension in my groin area on the side where that my leg was elevated and I was really sore afterwards. Same with the other leg elevated and pulling to the other side.

I don’t remember this happening before, but then again I don’t remember if I ever specifically did this before. I’m still pretty sore in my groin, to the point that I think I might be feeling it a little still tomorrow. Do you think this is from tight ligs that need to continue to be stretched, or perhaps due to my body in general being out of shape (I’m not the most limber person anymore)? It felt like I could have pulled further and harder but I’m one of those guys who don’t enjoy injury very much and try to avoid them :)