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This is my Newbie routine-OK

This is my Newbie routine-OK

I am relatively new to PE-although 5 years ago I bought a pump and occasionally would pump hard core for an hour to get my dick as thick as possible before I would have sex with wife, but I think I only gained 1/2 inch from doing this.
Now I want permanent length and girth gains
I have a bib hanger

Here is my routine:
Hang with 13lbs with bib hanger for 20min/day. Do 250 jelqs 2x/day. Some manual minor stretching-not much.

After doing this 13lbs hanging for 1 week now, I want to go up to more weight. I have heard for guys like me that can’t spend that much time per day on PE that heavy hanging for 20min day is good. By heavy I guess we are talking 25-45lbs? I may go to 2 20min/day routines IF I have time. I am a stealth hanger (my wife does not know yet). She knows obviously when I pump, but I have not told her about the Hanging routine yet.

Also, should I only spend 20min at ONE time hanging before releasing the bib and weight so my dick can breathe?

One other question: Can someone explain how to do the clamping routine and what clamping devise do you use.

I also am interested in doing something while at work. I am a Male nurse and wear loose scrubs all day. I certainly would not want anyone to notice.
What I am talking about is maybe some all day clamping or hanging or stretcher that I can wear under my scrubs 8hrs/day.

Have you decided to skip the whole newbie routine?

Start Dec 10 \'07: BPEL 6 2/16" | EG 5 1/4"

Feb 4: BPEL 6 11/16" | EG 5 2/4"

Short Term Goal: BPEL 7" | EG 5 3/4" Long Term Goal: BPEL 7 3/4 - 8" | EG 6"

You might be going too fast and too soon. Personally I think it’s best to build up slowly to get maximum gains. How are your PI’s?

I doubt anyone will give you advice on clamping, without you doing a great deal of preliminary work first. And until you are an experienced, PE’er. Simply because it is too easy to injure yourself by trying out very advanced routines without having conditioned your penis beforehand (no pun :) )

We recommend the Newbie routine so that you can assess how much your unit can take.

Starting an advanced routine without knowing how your body will react, could cause injuries. Which would slow down your progress

But good luck in your quest!

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I AM doing a Newbie routine

I don’t feel as though I am doing an advanced routine. I simply want to know the answers to my questions. Actually I feel as though I am doing a Newbie routine now.

Can anyone answer my questions? Especially about doing PE throughout the day at work.


Hanging 101 + Sample Routine
A search could easily have found you that, or a clamping routine (IMO you still aren’t ready for).

If you’re new to PE and hanging 13 pounds already and looking to move up, you obviously didn’t read shit about hanging before you started. I’m planning on getting a bib hanger next week, and I’ll start with 2 pounds and move up very slowly (and do longer sets lower weights). The point is to get fatigued with as little weight as possible so that it doesn’t require that much weight to bring gains. My advice? If you haven’t gotten good gains, go on a deconditioning break and when you come back you can do it the right way.

The newbie routine suggests 1 set of 200 jelqs, a lot of people only do 100. You are doing 500. PE is not a race!!!

Hope this helps.

I really don’t consider myself a newbie. IF the newbie routine is only 200 jelqs/day, I am way past that. I got a bib hanger back 7 years ago and sporadically used it, but I have been pumping for 7yrs on/off but not for gains really, just to get my dick fat and big for sex with wife.

Now I want real length gains so I have been consistently doing the hanging with the jelqing and some pumping EVERY DAY now for last 12 days with 2 days off. I am up to 18.5lbs hanging for 20min. 1x/day. I do not feel that I am overdoing it. My dick feels great with better erections already and it’s starting to hang better now when flaccid. Sorry I jumped right into it, but with the pumping experience, I do not feel that I am a TRUE newbie. I also did jelqing on/off for last 7yrs too. THE DIFFERENCE IS NOW I AM BEING CONSISTENT.

Here are my starting measurements. BPEL- 7 1/8in Flaccid length-3 7/8 in. Erect girth-5.5in.

Goal- 10in BPEL and a flaccid goal of 6 inches long.


LOVE the BIB Hanger!!

Still my question is about all day hanging stealth like.

Also, what is the reasoning behind the hanging with “too” much weight can hurt your gains? That makes no sense to me. Like I said, I am not really a newbie, it’s just that now I am committed to PE consistently. I am starting to get addicted to this. It feels great. But I do want to do it right, just be a little more aggressive than a TRUE newbie.


Your dick may be conditioned enough to handle the stress of 18+ pounds, but it’s not smart to keep at it like you have been if you want to see maximum gains.

Your dick is probably way more conditioned than a newbie’s dick, but your knowledge of hanging theory is kind of lacking. You are moving up weight way too quickly. Although you

are right to try to get your dick fatigued, you don’t want to move up weight like that. Try longer sets lower weights if you really don’t want to take a deconditioning

break (which I still recommend). It can be time consuming, but it’s worth it because you wont need to use that much weight to get the same fatigue you get with higher weights.

If you keep at this pace you will not make maximum gains and will need really high weights to get fatigued and that can get uncomfortable and hard to attach to the hanger (also check out the first link).

More proof that long periods of hanging may be beneficial?
Hanging 101 + Sample Routine

I haven’t started hanging yet, but my hanger should arrive next week. I’ll start low weights and low sets, and move up my hanging time before I increase weight. Just do some reading.

Just because you can hang 40 pounds, doesn’t mean you will make gains. It does mean that you have really conditioned ligs/tunica though. Just try to maximize your gains without becoming too conditioned.

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The core of this debate I can only relate to weight training in a manner, although I understand this isn’t strictly accurate to PE.

It comes down to one side suggesting high weight/low sets, the other low weight/high sets. Generally in weights I believe if you do low reps with a high weight you will build strength and mass (do we really want fibres stronger in PE?). If you do high reps with low weights you will build endurance.

It seems logical with PE you want to produce controlled fatique at as little weight as possible, this allows further control in expanding your routine without total failure and injury. It is a balance, but most people who attempt high weights will risk total failure and injury, they may also be building strength in fiberous tissues, rather than an endurance and elongation.

So what is the point of reducing weight across mutiple sets of hanging? This is a technique taken directly from bodybuilding and aims to target the most fibres in producing fatique. Best explained as thus;

In a single straight set performed to failure, you don't activate every fiber in a muscle group. You only recruit the number of fibers necessary to lift a particular weight for the desired number of repetitions. By stripping off weight and continuing the set, you cumulatively recruit more and more “reserve” muscle fibers.

Drop sets hit the “stubborn” muscle fibers “deep down,” causing growth that normally couldn't be achieved by stopping after a single set of six to twelve.

So in my logic, you use as little weight to produce good form and fatique in your fibres as possible. You don’t train to fail, as this will likely promote an injury or strength response by your body, both are entirely counter productive. You then use a drop set approach to produce fatigue in as many fibres as possible.

Once you hit quite a weight to produce fatique, perhaps at that point you have maxed out your form, namely likely gains at that angle, you then don’t continue adding stupid amounts of weight, but rather change the form i.e. angle at which you hang.

So to the original poster, if you are hanging high weights with no fatique say BTC, then it seems entirely possible to me gains at that angle are not likely. Perhaps it is time to change the angle at which you hang?

By the way, I haven’t hung yet, I’m still reading up on methods to devise my routine and order the right device.

01/08/07: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" EG ::: 26/05/10: 7.3" BPEL, 5.4" MSEG, [My Progress Pics] - [My Routine]

Revised Min Final Objective: [/b] 7.75" BPEL (33% increase), 5.5" MSEG

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